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An Update On Every Single 'Love Is Blind' Couple From Every Season

About twice a year, I confine myself to rotting on the couch as I discover whether love is blind. Here’s the thing: We know love isn’t blind. We saw Jimmy react to his “Megan Fox” lookalike, Shake ask if a woman was light enough to sit on his shoulders (*retch*), and JP stumble the bag with Taylor. 

Love isn’t blind, yet we keep watching them sip from those golden goblets and discuss how they like to spend Christmas (comatose is the correct answer). Maybe it’s the naivety, maybe it’s because some Love is Blind couples somehow defeat the odds and make it. Yeah, that’s right, there are some Love is Blind couples that are still together. There are also PLENTY that are not. Let’s discover who got their eyes checked and who remained trauma-bonded.

Which Love Is Blind Couples Are Still Together?

Season 1

Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton: Yes 


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Let’s start with the golden couple who have become the EXPERTS on love and dish out romance advice. Despite Lauren’s doubts throughout the season, the two of them made it to the altar and said, “I do.” They are still happily married, to an almost annoying extent, and even wrote Need For Speed, a book about finding love in a modern way! Lauren also co-hosts a podcast called We Have the Receipts with Chris Burns, and her hubby is frequently a guest on it. It’s all just so PERFECT.

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton: No

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton

Something less sweet now, phew. Diamond and Carlton fizzled out pretty quickly. They had a massive blowup in Mexico, and like that’s meant to be the literal honeymoon phase. Diamond took off her ring in a beautifully dramatic gesture, and they broke up. Carlton later apologized for his behavior during the reunion, only to rehash the SAME ARGUMENT during After the Altar. Make it make sense, sir. 

Diamond briefly made an appearance on Perfect Match but did not find her perfect match there. Carlton has his Instagram account on private with a caption saying his “previous pg hacked at 110k.” Sure thing, babe, you’ve just got 15k followers. 

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett: Yes 

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett

Okay, after that singledom sorbet, I’m ready for more people in love. Amber and Barnett weren’t smooth sailing, as Barnett was dipping his toe in Jessica’s pool, and the pair also argued a lot about finances. But surprisingly, they tied the knot, and their Instagrams are absolutely brimming with kissy-faced selfies. Barnett has made the show his entire personality with the Instagram handle “barnettisblind” and I kind of respect that energy. They’re a total gym couple, and I guess if that works for you.

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas: No 

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Jessica’s baby voice was enough to make you tug out your own ovaries. And that she made the season very interesting. Jessica and Mark struggled with a 10-year age gap and just generally not liking each other. Also, “Messica” kept hitting on Barnett, which probs didn’t help things. 

They tried a desperate bid to make it work with another pod date in their apartment (it’s not a good sign if you’ll willingly stay in different rooms). But eventually, they didn’t go through with it a the altar. Both are married to different non-celeb people now and have babies with those non-famous people.

Giannina Milady Gibelli and Damian Powers: No

Giannina Milady Gibelli and Damian Powers

Oh Gigi, oh Gigi. Giannina and Damian seemed so solid at the start, and it was a total girlboss moment for her to propose to him. Honestly, we need more women proposing on Love is Blind. But it all went downhill from there. The only thing they had going for them was sex, and then barely that, as she very ruthlessly pointed out that he wasn’t a great lay. Damian turned Gigi down at the altar, and she went total Runaway Bride and sprinted through the woods in her dress. Where was she going? What was her plan? Why do I kind of want to do that in a wedding dress? 

But then, in a shocking turn of events, at the reunion, they revealed that they were trying things again! Only for it to end abruptly when Damian brought fellow Netflix star Francesca Farago as his date to a Love is Blind party — savage. Well, Damian got to try things with Franny again on Perfect Match and get totally pied. Meanwhile, Gigi started dating The Bachelorette star Blake Horstmann after meeting on yet another reality show. They welcomed baby No. 1 and were totes adorbs at the Love is Blind season 6 reunion — even though he’s a DJ!

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes: No

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

I can barely remember these people, if I’m being honest. Maybe I was too busy ripping my hair out at Jessica’s baby voice. Kelly and Kenny, despite having morning television names, just weren’t featured as much as the rest. Kelly mentioned they had a lack of passion, and unsurprisingly she dumped him at the altar. She then gave a very respectful speech to the guests to thank them for coming. That’s a classy move. 

Kenny is now married to someone else, and Kelly kind of gives MLM vibes as she is “empowering women to step into their greatest potential.” Also, like all other LIB contestants, she has her own podcast.

Season 2

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson: No

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson

The trendsetters of season 2: Danielle and Nick were the first to get engaged and say “I do” at the altar. Their main tensions revolve around their conflicting lifestyles. But at the altar, Danielle romantically told him: “As you’ve unfortunately come to learn, I am the most indecisive person in the world, and the only clear decision that I’ve ever had has been you. I do, absolutely.”

They broke up six months after the show aired. Both of them are avid mental health advocates and discuss the real experiences behind shows like LIB.

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee and Deepti Vempati: No

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee and Deepti Vempati

This duo is the definition of “love her, HATE HIM.” Shake kept himself busy in the pods trying to guess contestants’ weight (HOW FUN!) and then managed to land a total catch in Deepti. He proceeded to tell contestants that he doubted his physical chemistry with her (it’s hard for a worm to have chemistry with a bombshell), but naturally never raised this with her. 

But good won in the end as Deepti ended things at the altar and said “I’m choosing myself.” Shake kind of apologized for his behavior, kind of didn’t, and started beef with Nick Lachey lol. Deepti is a big time influencer now and bragged about earning a casual half a million. Shake was on House of Villains and came fifth— didn’t even win at that.

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee: No

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee

So Shayne and Natalie’s biggest issue on the show was that he was attracted to Shaina and pursuing that at the same time. Yeah, that can be a bit of a problem in an engagement apparently. On their wedding day, Natalie revealed they had a huge fight the night before and wouldn’t be proceeding. Then they started dating again??? EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP GIVING IN TO BREAKUP SEX. I speak from experience.

But since then, it’s been a swift downhill, and now they post thinly veiled references to each other online in a never-ending battle. Shane also went on Perfect Match (supposedly while he was still with Natalie??) and got together with Too Hot to Handle’s Chloe Veitch, but this ended as quickly as the show did. Natalie (surprisingly) has a podcast called Out of the Pods. Seriously, someone needs to do a scientific study on the LIB to podcaster pipeline.

Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata: No

Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata

Sal and Mal had so much potential for a couple name, but sadly things didn’t work out. Mal’s sister called it right after meeting him (sisters just know) and refused to attend the wedding. At the wedding, they shared their vows, and then Sal said he wasn’t going through with it. They initially left the door open for a future reconciliation (breakup sex?), but by the reunion, they were DONE. During After the Altar, Sal invited her new girlie to join Natalie’s birthday party with the rest of the cast — brutal. 

Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley: No

Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley

Kyle and Shayne’s Almost-Girlfriend! Kyle was super convinced of Shaina, but she was still kind of into Shayne, which never would’ve worked with such similar names.  She left Kyle in Mexico but still later introduced him to her fam, when she realized their views on religion and other core values were too different. I totally get that as I could never be with someone who hated Taylor Swift personally. They broke up, and Kyle then went for Deepti, and Shaina tied the knot before After the Altar even aired.

Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely: No

Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely

Things started off shaky from the start as Jarrette actually wanted Mallory but was rejected by her, so he popped the question to Iyanna. She said yes, but then repeatedly worried that she was a second option for Jarrette. And she literally was, which is a shame, as she is such a catch! 

SHOCKINGLY they actually got married? But then, the summer after the show aired, they announced in a joint statement that they were getting a divorce. Later, she spilled the tea and said he had been unfaithful to her.

You guessed it: Iyanna has a podcast!! It’s called Feel in the Blank. Jarrette has a podcast too! It’s called The Gentleman’s Lounge and has 2k followers on Instagram — side eye.

Season 3

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux: Yes

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux

It is rare for me to enjoy a loved-up couple this much, but you know what, I absolutely adore these two! They were hook, line, and sinker, or whatever the cowboy version of that is for Brennon. They very quickly stopped dating other people and were so attracted to each other. Their different faiths weren’t a point of contention, as they strived to learn about each other’s cultural and religious backgrounds. There was never any doubt they’d say “I do,” and they seem to be super happy in their wedded bliss. They struggled to get pregnant and shared their IVF journey, and are now expecting a little one!! Literally name another couple I’d so happily third for.

Raven Ross and Sikiru “SK” Alagbada: No

Raven Ross and Sikiru “SK” Alagbada

I didn’t expect to be rooting for Raven by the end of things, but dammit, she got me good. SK and Raven were a slow burn, as she was initially pursuing a connection with Bartiste. She found herself opening up more to him, and she agreed to his proposal. They struggled with cultural and lifestyle differences, and at the altar, SK said he loved Raven but couldn’t marry her, as they had too many unanswered questions in their relationship. 

They got back together, and SK even proposed again, but then Raven tearfully shared that he had cheated on her, and they were done for good. WHY SK WHY??? She’s now a total fitness influencer on Instagram and, thankfully, doesn’t have a podcast.

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden: No

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden

Initially, Nancy was interested in Andrew (fake tears boy) and Bartiste in Raven, but then the pair got together and seemed happy enough. Their main issues were Nancy being older than him, Bartiste being intimidated by Nancy’s property empire, and Bartiste blowing a conversation about abortion in a totally different direction. Nancy said, “I do,” and Bartiste did not. Then when her brother and mother got defensive for her, Bartiste got super mad at them. Bartiste seemed open to continuing a relationship, but Nancy shut that down immediately. 

Bartiste then went on Perfect Match and tried everything to stick around, but failed. Then soon after, he announced that he was the proud father of a baby boy. Nancy is living her life and runs ‘FiNancy Talks’ to teach girlies about finance, real estate, and wealth. She also seems to be in a happy relationship with someone who might be Bartiste run through the wash a few times.

Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett: No

Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett

Cole struggled to choose between Colleen and Zanab, but then went for the latter. Zanab opened up about losing both her parents at a young age and Cole discussed why his first marriage ended. Cole was then hella inappropriate to Colleen in a swimming pool and SUPER SURPRISED when Zanab didn’t like that. You don’t want me to tell your friends I’m more attracted to them than I am to you?? They had some heated arguments, and on the wedding day, Zanab really gave it to him.

“You have disrespected me. You have insulted me. You have critiqued me. And for what it is worth you have single-handedly shattered my self confidence. And I hate that you have had that kind of effect on me. And the messed up thing is that I know I love you,” she told her fiancé at the altar. Drama students should start learning this monologue for auditions.

At the reunion, Zanab said that Cole had damaged her self-esteem throughout their relationship and frequently commented on her eating habits. It was a beautiful moment of all the girlies sticking up for her. Cole is still single but proudly boasts of all the fans sliding into his DMs. Zanab seems to be living her best influencer life and describes herself as a “globetrotter” and “girl’s girl.”

Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton: Yes

Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton

Yeah, so this might just be the one I can’t wrap my head around. Colleen got dumped by Brett, and then by Cole, and decided to give Matt another chance. The third time’s the charm!! He was very open about being cheated on by his first wife and all the trauma it left him. They had some huge fights along the way, but both tearfully said “I do” at the altar. They decided to wait to move in together, as marriage is one thing but cohabitating?! They are still together and even made an appearance on the LIB season 6 reunion to show off their wedded bliss.

Season 4

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden: No

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden:

I was actually rooting for these two crazy kids. Micah was dating Kwame and Paul, while Paul was also dating Amber, in a true LIB love rectangle. But they decided to proceed with one another and got engaged. There were some speed bumps along the way, as Micah wasn’t a fan of Paul’s apartment and Paul wasn’t a fan of her still being into Kwame. But Micah and Paul’s mom were absolute besties.

At the altar, Micah asked Paul to go first and he rejected her. Paul also told the cameras that he had trouble “envisioning Micah as a mother,” which was just unnecessary. Apparently, they briefly tried things again but it didn’t work, and now Micah is going to be on season 2 of Perfect Match! She’s a reformed mean girl and I’m excited to give her another shot.

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah: Yes

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah

The other corner of the love rectangle! Their most notable moment in the pods was when Kwame wrote a song for Chelsea a la Ken’s serenade to Barbie. Chelsea has a very strong personality, and good for her, honestly. Everyone was quite surprised when they both said “I do” considering they didn’t live in the same place, wanted different things in life, just minor inconveniences like that. But they’re still going strong and Chelsea is still rolling out every shade of pink known to mankind!

Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown: Yes

Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown

Our resident eepy girl and fashionable boy! Tiffany famously fell asleep in the pods while Brent was confessing his love to her, a minor mishap that quickly got smoothed out the next episode. They were the first couple to get engaged and only had a few minor bumps along the way. Adorably, Brett gifted her photos that he had taken of her. Those are now hanging in their home! They both said “I do,” moved to Portland, and lived happily ever after. 

Marshall Glaze and Jackie Bonds: No

Marshall Glaze and Jackie Bonds

Jackie struggled to choose between Marshall and Josh, but ultimately went for sweetheart Marshall. They seemed to be thriving in Mexico, but then Jackie kept dropping toxic masculinity hints about how he isn’t her physical type, he isn’t demanding enough, he’s too sensitive, he doesn’t get jealous. After some explosive arguments, Jackie skipped wedding dress shopping to meet up with Josh and rekindle their relationship. She then went home to Marshall, and they ended the engagement. But she said she’d be keeping the ring as a memory of it all — sure, girl, I do that all the time with fancy jewelry. At the end of 2023, Marshall announced that he was engaged to his girlfriend— a doctor!

Are Jackie and Josh still together? In After the Altar, we saw that they’d moved in together, and at the party, another contestant Monica Rodriguez spilled the tea on her brief engagement to Josh. He did not appreciate being called out for his shit and Jackie tried to calm things down. Two weeks later, Jackie revealed they were no longer together and this drama had played a role in that.

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi: Yes

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi

Zack was a bit of an oddball. He made jokes about being a stripper, and then revealed it was to help him deal with the death of his mother, who worked as a stripper. To each their own, I guess. He ended up choosing Irina over Bliss, but it was rocky from the moment they met. She said he resembled a “fictional character,” and she just clearly wasn’t into him. 

They ended their engagement, and Zack hurried off to propose to Bliss. Yep, he proposed to two women within three weeks, and it might just be my favorite thing about him. They both said “I do” and danced to their favorite song: Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” (I’m not sobbing, you’re sobbing!!!).

They’re still loved up and even wore matching outfits to the reunion. Her dad paid for a trip to Panama for their honeymoon. They’re currently expecting their first baby together.

Season 5

Uche Okoroha and Aaliyah Cosby: NoUche Okoroha and Aaliyah Cosby

The world moved on from this shocking reveal, but I did not, I will not. In an absolute plot twist, it was revealed Uche and another contestant Lydia, had previously dated. When he revealed this to his connection Aaliyah, she was understandably shocked. Not only because Uche had waited FOREVER to mention this, but because Lydia had become her bestie and confidant!!! Uche is def a villain in this, as he then got mad at Aaliyah for being upset and needing space (sir??). But let’s also take a second for Lydia, who was not a girl’s girl in this situation. 

Aaliyah left the pods and then later met up with Uche for lunch to talk things out. He gave her the third degree, and she ended up apologizing. The edit made it seem like things ended there, but it’s since been revealed that they actually briefly dated. It didn’t work out. Uche is still single and has the Instagram handle @imabovethelaw (because he’s a lawyer, ha), and Aaliyah met her new boyfriend on an R&B cruise (do they have those for Swifties?).

Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder: No

Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder

I got a lot of shade (especially from my sister) for being a Stacy apologist, but I stand by it. That girl was betchy. In the pods, Izzy chose Stacy over Johnie and proposed. They had very similar vibes and extroverted tendencies, but had a few road bumps in the real world. For example, Stacy didn’t appreciate Izzy’s lost-and-found box from previous hookups. He struggled with Stacy’s financial expectations (she wants a GOOD life), and she didn’t like it when days before the wedding, he revealed his low credit score and debt.

As you might have guessed, Stacy turned Izzy down at the altar and said she needed more time. They shared a kiss, but later Izzy expressed how hurt he was. During the reunion, they revealed they had tried to date again but now remained friends. It was also revealed that Izzy and Johnie had hooked up again!! Girlie, why?

Lydia Velez Gonzalez and James “Milton” Johnson IV: Yes

Lydia Velez Gonzalez and James “Milton” Johnson IV

No rocky start for these two, just rocks. Yeah, they did dirty talk with rocks, and it honestly made me embrace celibacy. They’re very different, with Milton towering over her and Lydia having strong opinions, but they work. The 7-year age gap doesn’t seem to bother them. There were only a few small flare-ups along the way, such as the Uche thing. It turned out that when Lydia recognized him in the pods, she suggested trying things again, and he wasn’t keen. Also, some people speculated that she went on the show knowing he’d be there, but it’s still hearsay. 

They were the ONLY pair to get married that season and they remain happily married. They’re currently in a long-distance marriage, as Milton is in Long Beach, California, for work.

Taylor Rue and J.P. Pierce: No

Taylor Rue and J.P. Pierce

Hell hath no fury like when I talk about J.P. They were the first to get engaged, and while he wasn’t my cup of tea, I was happy if Taylor was happy. Then J.P. got super cold and distant, and told Taylor she wears too much makeup! He complained about how she looked in the reveal (you mean gorgeous?) and said she left foundation on his jacket. THEN GO WASH IT! A man who literally wears an American flag at any opportunity is going to shade how someone looks. 

After this argument, Taylor took a night to think about it and then ended the engagement, returning his ring (take notes, Jackie). At the reunion, Taylor wanted an apology and did not get one. But what hurt the most was that none of the other girlies came to her defense like she deserved. I wish I had been there to give him a piece of my mind. Taylor has moved on to a very cute man who clearly recognizes her beauty, and she has a LOB NOW! J.P. has the least followers of any of the cast to date, and has moved on too, it seems.

Season 6

Kenneth Gorman and Brittany Mills: No

Kenneth Gorman and Brittany Mills

I had so much hope for these two! Kenneth and Brittany were just so adorable. They opened up to each other in the pods and bonded over both losing a parent at far too young an age. They discussed how they would be an interracial couple and how they each feel about this, with Brittany saying, “Yes. People are judgmental, and it’s not going to be shocking. You just correct their thoughts and move on. Like ’cause I’m still going to lay my head down at night.”

Things seemed good at the reveal, but unfortunately the pair seemed quite distant and unsure around each other. Back in Charlotte, Brittany ended the relationship, and Kenneth took the news calmly. People wondered if it was linked to how much Kenneth was on his phone, but Britt quickly dispelled that rumor. The two have remained really good friends, and are open to meeting each other’s partners once they move forward!

Amber Desiree “AD” Smith and Clay Gravesande: IDFK??

Amber Desiree "AD" Smith and Clay Gravesande

These two had a rocky start since the pods. They kept things fun and playful together, but AD was worried that Clay was a womanizer and Clay got so angry when he learned AD was also interested in Matthew. AD discovered Matthew was using the EXACT SAME LINES on multiple women and was done with him. Matthew was only worried about how it would look to viewers?? 

Anyway, AD and Clay apologized to each other and got engaged. Throughout the weeks that passed, Clay was very concerned he would be unfaithful like his father was (did you know it’s genetic??), and AD felt like she wasn’t prioritized. At the altar, AD gave a beautiful speech and referred to him as her “safe space.” He then said he wasn’t ready for marriage but that he was “rockin’ with you.” Just what every girl wants to hear when she’s spent six hours in hair and makeup. Clay wanted to keep dating, but AD finally chose herself and said nah!

At the reunion, it was revealed that AD went on two dates with Matthew (WHY, GIRL?) and Clay said he still really wants to date AD. Apparently, he’s been to therapy now, so he’s a better man. 

Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell: No

Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell

Jimmy struggled to choose between Chelsea and Jess. On the same day, Chelsea revealed she was divorced, and Jess shared that she has a 10-year-old daughter, which sufficiently blew Jimmy’s mind. He clearly expected the women to be virgins who had never even held a man’s hand! Chelsea was also dating Trevor, who took the news that she was a young ex-wife way better. In the end, Chelsea and Jimmy chose each other and got engaged.

They had some wild arguments, including Chelsea confronting Jimmy on still being friends with a woman he once slept with. He was livid that she brought this up on camera as he had revealed this privately to respect that friend. Things seemed calmer when they had a good talk on their final date, only for Jimmy to end it. 

“I love you so much, and I have no doubt in my mind that you’re my person,” Jimmy said. Chelsea agreed, only for Jimmy to then continue and say, “Every day you’ve done exactly what I would want in a wife. I love you to death and I want a relationship with you. I want us to work so bad, but I don’t want to go to the altar. I can’t.”

While I totally understand how he came to this decision, he’s not communicating it very well. They broke up and then tried dating again a few weeks later, to no effect. Apparently, they had not moved on from their issues by then. Huh, figures. They seemed on better terms at the reunion, where Chelsea apologized for her behavior. 

Laura Dadisman and Jeramey Lutinski: LOL NO

Laura Dadisman and Jeramey Lutinski

This season was absolutely brimming with love triangles, and another one arose in Jeramey, Laura, and Sarah Ann. Jeramey ended up choosing Laura as they had a stronger connection, and he told Sarah Ann he didn’t have a “good answer” for why this is. He proposed to Laura and called her his “forever person,” and she happily accepted. 

As soon as they left vacation, things got real bad, real quick. Sarah Ann slid into his DMs and Laura expressed that she wished he had shut it down rather than leaving it open. Then Jeramey was out until 5 am and lied about his whereabouts. He specifically mentioned sharing his location, neglecting to include that he left his phone at the bar to avovid his real location being shown. BUT HE WAS STILL WEARING AN APPLE WATCH!

The truth came out slowly and painfully, and it was revealed that he’d driven to Sarah Ann’s house and spent the evening with her. Laura wanted too end things and Jeramey initially tried to continue things, but then did a 360 and went all-in on Sarah Ann. Are Jeramey and Sarah Ann still together? At the season 6 reunion, Jeramey and Sarah Ann revealed that they’re still dating, and she seemed surprised at everyone’s disapproval. 

Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre: Yes


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These two give you that feeling of a high school couple that’s always been madly in love and simultaneously acts like horny teenagers and a married couple. Except no horning around for these two, as they were waiting to sort out a birth control issue, so had no pre-marital copulation. Johnny was busy learning about the wonders of a vasectomy.

Amy and Johnny bonded over anime, travel, and being close to their families, and ultimately got engaged without hesitation in the pods. They barely had any bumps along the way, so it wasn’t surprising when they were the only couple to tie the knot in the finale. They’re still going strong and being that lovey Instagram couple who takes kissing pics in front of the Eiffel Tower. I love that for them. 

Fleurine Tideman
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