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Obviously We Dug Up Everything On 'Love Is Blind' Trevor's GF

I need a very long cleanse from toxic men after this season of Love Is Blind. They’ve taken over my screens, my writing, and obviously my nervous system. I’ve had enough. You’d think that being single would be the No. 1 requirement for going on a dating show, and yet, time and time again, these little unavailable rats sneak on. If you’re in a relationship, can you please try out for Survivor or American Idol instead? (No, Nick Lachey, please do not get ideas about the latter.) Like, a lot of the women on Love Is Blind are actually trying to find love, not completely waste their time.

One of the rumored cheaters this season is Trevor, who the producers presented as an innocent teddy bear. On the show, he only has eyes for Chelsea… but that’s only on the show. Off the show, there have been allegations that he was dating someone the entire time he was filming. So, what’s the tea on Trevor’s alleged girlfriend? I unfortunately did research. Here’s everything you should know if you’re a LIB fan.

Who Is Trevor’s Secret Girlfriend?

Trevor’s ex, Natalia Marrero, is a North Carolina-based bodybuilder. She’s been claiming that she was dating him the whole time he was filming, and she agreed to let him go on the show for financial reasons. Excuse me? According to her, he was texting her during the show, telling her that he wanted to marry her and filling her in on Love Is Blind happenings. And yes, she has receipts — a video recording of all their texts. I’m deceased. Natalia told Business Insider that Trevor dumped her two weeks before the season aired and later threatened her, trying to ensure that she kept quiet about the situation.

Chelsea’s Response To The Trevor Rumors

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Surprisingly, Chelsea did make a statement about the Trevor rumors during an Instagram Q&A in February. “Y’all we have to understand… we are humans,” she wrote. “We have all made mistakes. Our lives went incredibly public very fast. All we can do is have grace. It’s a very unfortunate situation. But I wouldn’t wish this amount of hate on anyone. Remember to be kind.” Uh… I’m sorry?? Sure, we all make mistakes, but do we all go on a dating show when we’re already in a relationship?

How Trevor Addressed The Situation At The Reunion

Trevor Love Is Blind Reunion
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Trevor hasn’t addressed the allegations so far, but it seems like he’s saving that for the reunion. In the trailer, co-host Nick says to the problematic LIB star: “Unbeknownst to her (Chelsea), you have someone on the outside. I’d like to hear what you have to say.” Trevor looks stressed out of his fucking mind and pauses before saying, “Um…” Of course, that’s when the preview ends. I’m sure Chelsea and the entire public will be extremely interested in his explanation for that one.

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