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Someone Please Tell Clay That Cheating Isn’t Hereditary

If I were a scientist, I would want to study the brains of everyone in this season of Love Is Blind to figure out what went wrong to make them so… awful. And high up on my list would be Clay. 

And it’s not even Clay’s blatant fatphobia or even his inability to realize you need to actually spend time with your fiancé that makes him so mystifyingly bad. No, what I’m really confused about is how often Clay basically warns AD that he’s going to cheat on her

Listen, I am all for self-awareness and realizing how your parents and their relationship affect your adulthood. That’s all great. What isn’t so great is Clay using this every two seconds on the show to tell AD cheating is basically in his DNA. I’m sorry, but what?

Sure, statistically, people are more likely to cheat if their parents cheated. But Clay is aware that his father cheated on his mother and that cheating is bad… and somehow, he’s still worried he might cheat. As if it’s out of his control? As if it’s in his blood??

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We need a serious reality check here. First of all, I know he’s your dad, but if the man was constantly stepping out on your mother, disrespecting their relationship, and even going as far as to take you with him to cheat on your mom — maybe you should reconsider calling him your role model. Because I’m sure he was a great dad to you and all, but why would you try to emulate someone who was an awful partner to any woman, let alone the woman who birthed and raised you?? Also, let’s not forget he *joked* that his father would probably hit on AD if he met her. Ew. Just ew. 

And can we take a second to talk about Clay’s other role models? Will Smith? DIDDY?? There are so many great Black men in the industry that you could choose to look up to (if you absolutely must use Hollywood for role models), and you choose someone with possibly the most memeable relationship in Hollywood and a literal predator? I am trying so hard not to flip my table right now. 

Because Clay seems to be so very open to talking about his “fears” of cheating, you might start to think that he’s being mature and trying to express his feelings to AD. Sorry, that’s bullshit. What he’s actually doing is telling her that he is definitely going to cheat and putting the idea into her head now so that when it does happen, he can shrug his shoulders and tell her, “I told you so.” Basically, to put the responsibility on her, because, hey, he did his part by warning her. 

I need Clay to grow up, go to that therapy he apparently realizes he needs, and leave AD alone. And AD girl, I need you to use that amazing energy you had for Sarah Ann for yourself and realize that you deserve so much more than a man who thinks infidelity is hereditary

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad is a sex & dating writer at Betches despite not remembering the last time she was in a relationship. Just take her word for it.