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Ok, So Where Do Amy And John From 'Love Is Blind' Stand Today?

At this point, I think we can all agree that Love Is Most Definitely Not Blind. However, Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre have seemed like an exception to that (somewhat obvious) rule throughout season 6 of the show. In the pods, they quickly connected over a shared sense of humor and similar values regarding family. It surprised no one that they were the first of the, um, *unique* bunch to get engaged.

Despite their swift, close bond, the couple has faced one major roadblock… in the intimacy category. Amy expressed her desire to not go on birth control, and Johnny didn’t exactly volunteer to take responsibility on his end, so that kinda left them at an impasse. TBH, it also seemed like Johnny was a lot more excited about Amy’s looks than she was about his — another ominous sign. So, are Amy and Johnny still together now, almost a year after their Love Is Blind journey? Here’s all the tea on the lovey-dovey season 6 stars.

Did Johnny McIntyre And Amy Cortés Figure Out Their Birth Control Issues?

Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortes on Love is Blind season 6
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I think so? There definitely aren’t any hard feelings — no pun intended — about it now. During an interview with Us Weekly, Johnny got real about their tense sex conversation. “We wanted to make sure we’re on the same page,” he said. “Me really not knowing a lot about birth control, contraceptives, things of that nature made it difficult to really have a good conversation right away because I was uninformed.” Yeah, I did suspect someone was not paying super close attention in high school health class.

Amy also spoke out about the issue in an Instagram Story and defended him. “He never pressured me into taking birth control in that scene or off camera, he simply expressed how he thought women did it and even admitted that he had never thought much of it,” she wrote, adding that sex education isn’t “the best” in America. LOL. “His willingness to learn and explore more options without any pressure was something I respected and appreciated as a woman,” Amy concluded. But… have they heard of condoms?

Are Johnny McIntyre And Amy Cortés Married?


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We’ll have to wait until the reunion to technically know for sure. On February 21, Johnny shared a dump featuring romantic photos of him and Amy — and a funny meme about him “pulling” her by being a weirdo. “Found this one in the pods,” he wrote in his caption. “Think I should keep them?”

Amy posted a few romantic stills from the show and joked in her caption, “when u thought the setting spray was strong, but the chemistry was stronger 😵‍💫.” Hmm, yes, they’re really keeping their relationship status top secret. Not to mention, according to Distractify, marriage records in Mecklenburg County in North Carolina indicate that the couple got married on May 10, 2023. Welp.

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