Community Guidelines

Welcome to our site, betch.

Our community is here to connect people through open, thoughtful, and hilarious conversations. We love juicy debates, passionate rants, and advice on relatable, real-life shit. What we don’t love? Hate, bigotry, and bullying. 

Seriously, if we wanted to hang out with a bunch of internet trolls, we’d make Elon Musk our moderator. Our discussions are moderated for civility, so like, don’t be an asshole, okay? 

Here are our rules to keep it chill.  

Your post will/might be rejected if it contains:

  • Spam: We do not want to make $100K on bitcoin. 🤖 
  • Hate speech: Absolutely no insulting, abusive, vulgar, inflammatory, graphic, or threatening content of any kind, especially when it comes to another’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or anything in this realm. Don’t play dumb, you know what we mean.
  • Threats: Any content provoking or inciting violence against an individual or group will not be tolerated.
  • External links: All scammers can instead purchase Scammer by Caroline Calloway.  
  • Nudity: No sexually explicit or pornographic content. 
  • Self-promotion: Sorry, Jessica, we don’t want to go to your exclusive yoga sisterhood retreat. Though we don’t doubt it will be as life-changing as you say.

User accounts will/might be blocked if:

  • You continuously attempt to repost any types of content listed above or content that has been previously moderated/rejected. No means no! 
  • You attempt in any way to put the website’s security or data privacy at risk

So, how can you be the number one user in the group?? 

  • Stay on topic: No one needs your 10-paragraph life story, Emily.
  • Engage with us: Hit “like” or “dislike” when you’re feeling all the feels.
  • Help us keep things cool: Use the report tool to alert us when someone breaks the rules. (We’ll handle it).

TL;DR: Have fun, make memes, and don’t be a jerk. Or else. Xoxo 

Oh, and just one more thing…

  • Notice how we say “will/might”? That means we have discretion to make decisions about your post or account (whether that’s rejecting a single post, temporarily or permanently suspending an account or future accounts you create, or something else). The decision is ours.
  • Our decisions will take into account the facts and circumstances for each case, but we generally decide whether posts and accounts should be removed or limited based on similar factors like: whether you target people instead of ideas, target users who are in a more vulnerable position, the potential impact your comments might have, and whether you’ve colored outside of the lines before.
  • Any conduct that in Betches’ sole discretion restricts or inhibits anyone else from using or enjoying the site will not be permitted. Betches reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove or edit user content by you and to terminate your account for any reason.