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LOL, Are Any of the ‘Perfect Match’ Couples Actually Still Together?

Early in 2023, Netflix decided that we didn’t have enough reality dating shows and released Perfect Match. I mean, we only have Love is Blind in every fucking language known to mankind (brb polishing my Swedish), and people turning The Circle into their own dating opportunity. But instead of a chance for hot singles to find love, they produced an absolute trainwreck and I am here for the whole ride. 

The scandals, the drama, the trauma bonding, all of it was delicious. The key ingredient is that all of these people are already semi-famous from other shows, so they have ego to spare. Plus many of them already knew each other from Raya or Netflix parties or wherever. It was like the incestuousness of the lesbian dating community. By the end of the show, we’d gone through over a dozen pairings, but who actually made the distance? Which Perfect Match couples are still together?

Obviously, I will be watching season 2 the second it drops. 

Dom and Georgia

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Let’s start with our unlikely winners!! No one expected them to win, not even themselves, and I’m still trying to work out how they won. Also, how was this show a competition?? Make it make sense. 

So in case you’ve been living under a rock (or in a place that already banned TikTok), these two blew up big time. It was like a car crash that everyone slowed down to watch. Dom took to the Tok to explain how he and Georgia were together when she did an interview on Harry Jowsey’s podcast, and supposedly then slept with him. The podcast episode was titled “Georgia Hassaratti and Harry Jowsey fall in love.” They have a lot in common, like Australian passports, Too Hot to Handle, and… abs? Harry later confirmed the relationship had ended on a Snapchat Q&A — are adults still on Snapchat?

Georgia later spoke to Sofia Franklyn on her podcast, Sofia with an F, to set the record straight. She claimed they didn’t sleep together that day and that Harry was just trying to stir up drama and gain social clout. She said she got together with Harry after her casual relationship with Dom ended, but that it was extremely toxic. Apparently, while at Coachella, Harry demanded she send him daily photos to prove she wasn’t cheating — yeeesh.

Georgia has nice things to say about Dom, but the opposite certainly can’t be said. Apparently, he’d be keen on coming back for season two and dating someone from Selling Tampa or Cheer… you mean college cheerleaders??? Someone get Dom’s publicist on the phone.

Joey and Kariselle

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Dom and Georgia may have won the show, but it was another [un]lucky pair that got engaged. The number of Love is Blind contestants seemed to confuse Joey, as he ended up getting on one knee and proposing to Kariselle. Was this a shock? Not really, as they had been paired up since the first moment, and apparently made the bed rock before coming on the show. The real shock is that they thought it would last, as I don’t think anyone else did. 

Kariselle and Joey are saddened to share that they just didn’t work out. Kariselle mentioned how Joey described them as “Batman and Robin,” and it led her to question which one of them was the Robert Pattinson of it all. The real question is why he didn’t just describe them as Batman and Catwoman? Every woman wants to be Catwoman!!!

They have ended the engagement and relationship. Kariselle seems open to a future reconciliation, while Joey seems sure that this is it. “We love very hard, so the highs are high, and the lows can be very low,” he explained. “At this point, we just know that we’re probably better apart, but that we really want to try to work on our friendship.”

Shayne and Chloe

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These two give me toddler energy in the best way. I feel exhausted just watching them. Drop your vitamin/Ritalin game, girlie, as I need that kind of energy. They hit it off immediately with a steamy shower date, only to be foiled by the sudden appearance of Chloe’s ex from The Circle, Mitchell Eason!! 

Mitchy and Chloe gave it another go, but his commitment issues (and abstinence) got in the way of things. Chloe went running back to Shane and they made up with lots of wide-eyed grins and excited garbling. But it seems the fever broke eventually, as they are no longer together. Long-distance just wasn’t a vibe, and they ended on supposedly good terms.

Chloe is still on the hunt for her perfect match, as apparently she has “baby fever” — get that checked, girlie. “I want children by the time I’m 25, 26,” she said. (She’s currently 23.)  “I can’t look at a baby without wanting to just jump on a man. My ovaries scream when I look at children!” 

Francesca and Damian, Dom, and Abbey

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No, this isn’t one of those smutty haram books you’ve been reading on AO3. Francesca Farago is no stranger to reality TV, and let’s just say everyone entering this villa already knew her. She truly did play the field, and respect for that. She tried things out with a former flame, Damian, from Love is Blind. She loved and left Dom of The Mole (who?? what??), and then got annoyed when he found someone new. She very, very briefly dated Abbey of Twentysomethings Austin before being like thank u, next. 

But Francesca ultimately left the villa single, but not for long. As soon as her flight landed, she apparently texted someone she knew, and they got together soon after. She’s speaking about TikTok star Jesse Sullivan. The pair make an absurd amount of content online and have been sharing their experiences with IVF, and Francesca just announced she is preggo!

There was some controversy claiming Francesca was already with Jesse when she went on the show, and was doing it to promote her new swimwear brand. But this hasn’t been confirmed (in case you’re reading this, Franny, don’t sic your lawyers on me!!).

So are any of the couples from Perfect Match still together? Lol, absolutely none, this is worse than Love is Blind’s success rate.

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