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A Ranking Of Who Is The Biggest Girl's Girl On 'Love Is Blind'

If you caught the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion, I’m sure you can relate when I say… wow. While the insufferable Lachey couple is usually anything but thorough when it comes to grilling the LIB cast on their toxic behaviors, I think it’s safe to say they finally got it together (and opened Twitter to see everyone coming at them). At long last, they asked the difficult questions, and the result was a painfully awkward, stunned silence from Trevor, Clay admitting he made a mistake by saying “no” to AD, and the women of LIB accusing each other of not being ”pick-me’s” and not “girls’ girls.”

Now, typically, if you go around constantly having to say you’re a girls’ girl, odds are you probably aren’t. While the phrase is definitely overplayed, a “girls’ girl” is just a popular way of saying, “You don’t center your life and behaviors around the opinions of men.” So basically, it’s a woman who doesn’t suck (yes, anyone who cares what men think sucks). And while we heard a lot of the LIB women throw the phrase around, I decided to use my journalistic expertise to figure out who the true girls’ girls of season 6 were and what pick-me’s were among them. 

Here’s a comprehensive ranking of the greatest girls’ girls on Love Is Blind season 6

9. Sarah Ann

love is blind sarah ann
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Are you even surprised? The person who could probably make a drinking game out of the phrase “girls’ girl” was the least girls’ girl of them all! The sparknotes version? Sarah Ann DMed another woman’s fiancé and told him to message her if things “didn’t work out,” she hung out with said fiancé til 5 in the morning despite him living with his partner at the time, talked to Laura about him and yet still rode away with him on jet skis despite him just breaking Laura’s heart. Also, if an entire group of women ice you out of a group chat, odds are you’re not for the girls. And I have to say it. If it’s 2024 and you’re a 30-year-old woman dressing like you’re going to prom in 2010, you probably don’t have close women friends in your circle. 

8. Chelsea

chelsea love is blind
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Oh, Chelsea. While I truly hope the best for Chelsea and that she’s found healing, we can’t deny that she was super toxic on the show. And besides that? She really wasn’t that great to other women. When she felt (rightfully) uncomfortable after Jimmy called AD “stacked” because of her body, instead of calling Jimmy out for it, she decided to publicly tell AD about what he said. Trying to appear cool to a guy you’re with by objectifying one of your friends is gross in any situation. And then, of course, Jimmy’s secret. Okay, we all have different opinions on Jimmy having had a physical relationship with one of his friends. But putting that friend’s business out there on national TV when she clearly didn’t want that? Anything but a girl’s girl. 

7. Laura

laura love is blind
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I’m sorry, but as much as Laura was right about Jeramey and Sarah Ann’s “disgusting” behavior, I cannot get over “bean dip.” I know she apologized to AD several times, but anyone who makes a joke with their fiancé about touching someone else’s breast is automatically not a girls’ girl. AD was already super sexualized by a lot of women on the show, and another white woman objectifying her to her white man, ew. 

6. Brittany

brittany love is blind
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For the life of me I can’t think of a single time Brittany had some sort of notable interaction with another woman on the show, but at the reunion she did tell Trevor off for messing with the other woman’s feelings. 

5. Amy

amy love is blind
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Amy was also pretty much lost in Johnny land most of the time, but educating a man on birth control and sticking to her guns about not taking it? Very girls’ girl behavior. Also, she and AD had some super cute convos during their bachelorette party. 

4. Vanessa Lachey

vanessa lachey love is blind
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I’m just as shocked as you are. Usually, Vanessa Lachey gives big “pick me” energy (she would cut the LIB men too much slack for how they treated women on the show), but she really redeemed herself at this reunion. She pressed Jeramey, Clay, and Trevor on their behavior toward their partners and defended the women. I see you, Vanessa.  

3. Jessica

jessica love is blind
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Okay, Jess didn’t have the finest moment when she met up to have wine with Laura, but when it came to her actual interactions with Jimmy, she was a girls’ girl through and through. She never crossed any boundaries with Jimmy and reached out to Chelsea for friendship (who’s now referred to as “Aunt Chelsea” by her daughter). Jess also ignored Sarah Ann when she saw that Sarah Ann  disrespected Laura’s relationship, and in separate interviews, she always advocated for the women on the show. And at the end of the day, she said she’s letting her daughter watch her cry on television so that she knows you can be a strong woman and still feel emotions. We’re team Jessica over here!

2. AD

AD love is blind

I really, truly want AD to get the best in life. Although for herself, she can be self-destructive and go after men she knows are bad for her (she called Clay a “walking red flag” and still wanted to marry him and hello? She went on two dates with Matthew after she knew he was playing her??), for other women in her life she’s a ride or die. AD told Sarah Ann off for disrespecting Laura’s relationship, and she wasn’t afraid to confront any man at the reunion about how they treated their partners. She is such a good friend to the other women on the show! I just hope she learns to advocate for herself like she does for others.

1. Clay’s Mom

clay's mom margarita love is blind
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While Clay’s mom, Margarita, wasn’t part of the cast of LIB, she takes the cake for the biggest girls’ girl of them all. She stood up for AD in arguments with Clay, confronted her son about his patterns, and read her ex-husband for filth when it came to how he treated her and how that rubbed off on Clay. While it’s unfortunate that her son is… Clay, I just know she will make sure he stays on the right track to becoming a better person.

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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