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All The Jimmy And Chelsea Questions We NEED Answers To

I award Nick and Vanessa Lachey Most Improved Love Is Blind Reunion Hosts, but that’s really not saying much. Yes, they kind of attacked Trevor for having a secret girlfriend (love), and they also made Jeramey and Sarah Ann as uncomfortable as possible (also love). They really did have some slay moments, and yet… I was still left wanting more. The Love Is Blind fandom x chronically online community has a lot of very valid questions about the season 6 cast members. There was plenty more territory to cover at that reunion — especially when it comes to Jimmy and Chelsea.

Those two had quite the rollercoaster relationship. From starting out in a love square to having several pretty traumatic arguments outside of the pods, their journey was never boring. In fact, it gave me several panic attacks. If someone would like to make a Jelsea documentary, please let me know. I have a whole lot of unanswered questions about these anxiety-inducing and fascinating exes (?).

Why was Chelsea revealing one of Jimmy’s past hookups literally the end of the world?

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This will never make sense to me. Why did Jimmy care so much about people knowing that he had hooked up with his friend in the past? He even referred to it as a “deep, dark secret” on the show. I’m so sorry, but if that’s your deepest, darkest secret, your life is extraordinarily vanilla. It’s not like Chelsea told the world he committed a crime or something.

Why didn’t Nick and Vanessa ask about their relationship status? Hello??

Sigh. Like I said, I give these two credit for asking a few hard-hitting questions and running a fairly entertaining reunion. BUT I’m gonna need an explanation for how on earth you miss such an obvious question. We got zero information about what Jimmy and Chelsea have been up to since they broke up on the show. I left the reunion not knowing their current relationship status or if they ever tried again after the split.

Why did they try dating after the show?

Although we didn’t get to hear about it during the reunion, Jelsea did try again after breaking up on the show. They dated for a few days, going to dinners and a baseball game, but then realized that their intense problems didn’t just vanish. It truly beats me why they thought things would somehow work out after some of the most intense arguments I’ve ever witnessed.

Why did they low-key seem like a couple at the reunion if they aren’t one?

Did anyone else notice all the touching? Jimmy 100 percent rubbed her leg, and they held hands. It did come across… rather coupley, IMO. I guess they’re just comfortable with each other and really close friends?

Have they been dating other people?

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Again, I wanna know what’s been happening with them since the show!! It doesn’t seem like Chelsea’s seeing anyone, but it could just not be public info. However, Jimmy has been vocal about his interest in yet another Love Is Blind season 6 cast member. Oh god. He shared that he’s open to dating A.D. and “thinks the world” of her. That’ll definitely be a fun convo to have with Clay.

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