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Comfy Sex Positions That Won’t Require You To Stretch First

As a thirty *cough* something with over a decade (and a half) of sexual experience (sorry, mom!) I happen to think there’s a time and place for all kinds of freak. It doesn’t matter whether you’re more of a Charlotte or a Samantha (Jones, not the American girl doll) there will likely come a time when you’ll want to mix things up — whatever that means for you. For some folks, that might be vacation sex, shower sex, or testing out creative sex positions worthy of some sort of Cirque show. In my years of sheer sluttiness sexploration, however, I’ve found that one of the best ways to get weird is by getting cozy. Enter: Comfortable sex positions.

I know comfortable sex doesn’t sound like it’d go hand-in-hand with passion, but I gotta say, there’s something to be said about feeling good while feeling goooood. In fact, it might even make you have a better time (and better orgasm) because you’re not awkwardly straining yourself or trying a weird sex move based on something you read in erotica

Basically, when you feel open and relaxed, your body has a better chance of getting you to the finish line, which is something we allll deserve. And if you wanna make things even more comfy, grab some lube to ease any discomfort and keep things smooth. Honestly, whether you’re looking to try something new or just want a few moves that’ll help you climax without causing you to strain your back, you’re in luck. Below are the most comfortable sex positions that’ll get you off… and won’t require you to limber up first.

Over the Couch

Not on the couch, which isn’t any more or less comfortable than the bed. We’re talking about *over* the couch here, people. Stand behind the couch (with your stomach touching the back) or on the side (with your hips pressing against the arm) and bend over. Your partner can then stand behind you and use their fingers, tongue, a sex toy, or their giant dong (lucky you!), to take you to Pleasure Town. You don’t have to do any work because, hi, the couch is holding you up, giving you some much-appreciated leverage. The best part? No need to burn the cushion afterward + you can multitask by watching Bravo at the same time. Bless.

Edge of the Bed

Look at that — another position that gets you off while allowing you to just relax and take it. Told ya it was possible! First, lie back on the bed with your hips on the edge. Then you can either let your legs dangle over the side while your partner stands between them, or you can put ‘em on your S.O.’s shoulders to increase the depth of their movements. Either way, you’re in the perfect position to get off and then PTFO in your dry (because this way, no wet spot), cozy bed.

Coital Alignment Technique

If you’re all about maximizing every thrust, welcome to your new go-to move. You might have seen this one get some screen time on Netflix’s Sex/Life — and trust me, it can actually be as good IRL. Lie on your back with your partner on top, but instead of the standard missionary, your partner shifts slightly upward (so their chest is basically in your face). This subtle tweak aligns your bodies just right, enhancing friction and direct stimulation (especially against your clit). Roll your hips (sort of like if you were on top) to match their movement and finally understand what Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” is all about, with no contortionist skills required. 

The Beached Whale

This is the ultimate “I’m just going to lie here and let you do your thing” position. Ideal for those days when you’re feeling more sea cow than siren. It truly doesn’t get easier. Just sprawl out on your stomach across the bed, spread out and comfy like a sunbathing whale on the shore (but, like, a cute one!). Your partner can take care of business from behind, either with their own body or with the help of a toy. Also, um, you literally don’t have to do a damn thing. Go on — relax and ride the waves of pleasure without lifting a fin(ger). Heh.

(Mutual) Masturbation

Who says you always have to play together? Stretch out on the bed (or whatever spot feels comfy) and get down to business with your favorite toy or your own two hands for a ~vintage vibe.~ If your partner’s in the mood, they can join in… or not. It’s seriously a no-pressure setup where you can explore what feels best without any performance anxiety or the need to synchronize. You both get off and get to chill together afterward without anyone feeling like they didn’t do a good enough job. And if you wanna go again? No need to wait for them to cool down; simply grab your vibe and go forth. Win-win-win, amiright?

Rachel Varina
Rachel Varina
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