The Secret to Great Sex: Lube

Presented by K-Y

Are you having basic sex? Sorry to hear that. Now, that could be because your boyfriend/FWB/guy you took home from the bar after last call didn’t quite hit the spot. Maybe the sex is like my family dinners: just generally kinda uncomfortable. Or maybe it’s like the live-action Lion King: just not that good even though you wanted it to be. Well, before you go nuclear and never invite your hookup over again, you might want to try out something that has probably been sitting in the back of your nightstand drawer or you’ve passed by a million times in the condom aisle but have yet to pull the trigger on: lube.

Yes, lube. Get comfortable with the word, because I’m going to be saying it a lot. Many people think that using lube is like admitting there’s something wrong with you. But I think that using lube is like seeing a therapist—everyone should be doing it, even if you don’t think you need it. That’s because even if things are already going pretty well, using lube will only make everything even better. And isn’t that what we all want? Here’s why you should be using K-Y.

Lube Makes Sex Better… Duh

This is like, a no-brainer, but still needs mentioning. It’s 2020—just like you want an amazing apartment, job, and wardrobe, you want amazing sex too. Good thing K-Y, the brand that’s been helping people have better sex for over 100 years, has a range of lubricant products to help you out, like K-Y Tingling Lube or K-Y Intense Pleasure Gel Lube. And I know what you’re thinking, but there truly is no shame in the game. Think of it this way: lube is like parmesan cheese—even if what you’re having is already good, it’s going to make it just that much better *chef’s kiss*.

With K-Y products you can put the O in orgasm—the kind of O that is going to give you that “I totally just got laid face.” You know, your hair is all over the place, your cheeks are red, your skin is naturally glowing, but you’re so relaxed that it’s worth it. The kind of great sex where you can’t help but walk around with your #RPF (resting pleasure face) because you got more than you expected (just please, fix your hair before you go out in public).

Know exactly what I’m talking about? Looks like Ashley Iaconetti knows, because she just released this pleasure service announcement (PSA) with K-Y flaunting that #RPF like someone who just… well, never mind.

Listen, if you’ve been reading this like… “damn that’s me, I need to experience more pleasure,” then enter K-Y’s pleasure challenge. K-Y is empowering women to flaunt their RPF, stop faking orgasms, and have better sex in 2020. All you have to do is post a selfie flaunting your resting pleasured face (we know you have 500 in your camera roll, stop pretending) and tag @KY_Brand and hashtag #RPF. One winner will be randomly selected and named K-Y’s Chief Pleasure Officer. She will receive a special bundle of the complete K-Y collection, as well as monthly surprises and other cool sh*t to support her on her journey to have the most pleasurable sex, always. Plus, the first 5,000 participants will win a code to redeem for a free bottle of K-Y, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Images: K-Y; ky_brand / Instagram