I'm *Certain* These Vibrators Will Make You Come Better Than Your V-Day Date Could

Do you experience pain and discomfort from penetrative sex? Not a fan of the Great American Challenge or other forms of silicone dicks? Got a partner who sucks at pleasing you or you just want to turn the fun up a notch? If you answered “yes” to any or all of those questions, you’re not alone! Thankfully there are heroes out there to save the day, bless their souls. Their names? Ollie, Fin, and Eva II… aka sex toys that cater to folks who prefer clitoral stimulation, dislike penetration, or want the max level of pleasure by playing with clit vibes during penetration. 

According to sexologist and relationship expert Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, “Not only is external stimulation more likely to lead to arousal and orgasm for many folks, but the endorphin and oxytocin release associated with sexual pleasure can have a palliative effect on the body.” Well, we did the research and compiled this list of the best clitoral vibrators, suction toys, and wearables for ultimate pleasure because we care about you. You’re welcome.

1. Satisfyer Luxury Haute Couture

Satisfyer Luxury Haute Couture Air-Pulse Clitoral Vibrator

Precious metal. Black leather. 11 different intensities. No, I’m not talking about what you wore to the bar on Saturday and the stages of how embarrassingly drunk you got throughout the night. I’m talking about Satisfyer’s sexy-as-hell Luxury Haute Couture. It sits comfortably in your (or your partner’s) hand, is super soft, and uses special patented Air Pulse tech to massage your clit without any contact. It’s basically magic. 

2. We-Vibe Melt

We-Vibe Melt

What makes Melt a good option for anyone looking for clitoral stimulation? It’s small, has an ergonomic design, doesn’t painfully suck the life out of your clit, and can be used alone and with your partner whether you’re in the same room or not. Dr. O’Reilly says, “Rather than suction, Melt uses Pleasure Air™ technology—tiny waves of air that provide the sensation of kisses and pulsing waves right where you want them. It fits perfectly between your bodies in almost any position and can be controlled through We-Vibe’s We-Connect app with easy-to-use, intuitive controls, so you can play together even when you’re apart.” WTF more could you ask for?


3. LELO Sona Cruise

 $120 (was $150)

LELO’s Sona Cruise isn’t a global bestseller for no reason. It uses SONIC WAVE technology to promote big Os. Like??? What even is a sonic wave, but who cares if it makes you cum? This toy has a huge surface area, changes pressure when the toy is pressed harder against the body, is “whisper quiet,” waterproof, and has eight different pleasure settings. Sign. Us. Up.

4. Unbound Ollie

Unbound Ollie Vibe

TBH, I was always intimidated by wand vibrators, but this thing has changed my life for the better. Ollie is my new best friend. It’s big, strong, powerful, waterproof, made of medical-grade silicone like my favorite menstrual cups, and everything else a vulva owner would ever want in a personal massager, except it’s kinda loud. Don’t believe me? Rude, but fine. Trust this person who eloquently reviewed it on Unbound’s website, “I have almost called in sick to work multiple times in order to stay home with my new life partner Ollie.” 

5. Le Wand Petite

Le Wand Petite

“People can’t seem to get enough of this vibe,” says Alicia Sinclair, the founder and CEO of Le Wand and other amazing sex toy brands. There’s a larger version of this gorgeous rose gold wand vibrator if you want to size up, but the Petite offers the same 10 powerful speeds and six patterns as the OG. It also has three separate attachment pieces for internal stimulation if you want double the pleasure. This toy makes for a great vibrator AND accessory to match your rose gold iPhone.

6. Dame Fin

Dame Fin

Dame is the creator of Fin, which is a fun little finger vibe that’s perfect for all types of play. You can wear Fin during solo play, partner play, and foreplay. It actually feels like an extension of your hand. It practically turns you into a sex robot. JK, but it is an awesome wearable that provides extra stimulation whenever you want it. PERIOD. FIN. Like, as in “the end.” Get it? Great. Cool. Moving right along.


7. Unbound Palma

Unbound Palma

Whereas the Fin isn’t really something you can wear out and about, Unbound’s Palma can be rocked as a piece of jewelry or used to rock your world. It’s a vibrating ring that everybody needs in their jewelry box. Are jewelry boxes even a thing anymore? Anyway, Palma is waterproof, made from surgical grade stainless steel, and comes in silver or gold depending on your style preference. Wear it in a pool, at the mall, in the bedroom, and literally everywhere else. Just be prepared to lie or tell people it’s a vibrator when they ask where you got it.

8. Satisfyer Layons Purple Pleasure

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure Lay-On Vibrator

The Purple Pleasure is part of Satisfyer’s Layons collection because it…wait for it…lies on the clit. For a small vibrator, this thing has a LOT of power. It’s super quiet, has 15 different orgasm-inducing vibrating patterns (5 speeds and 10 settings), and is waterproof so you can bring it into the bath or shower. Pro tip: I’ve used this toy at the same time as another one and it was uh-mazing. Two toys are better than one, but this will definitely do the trick on its own.

9. Womanizer PRO40

Womanizer PRO40

This incredible suction toy is the product of a collab between two of the biggest names in the sex toy industry, Lovehoney and Womanizer. The Pro40 combines Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology, an ergonomic design, and six intensities to please TF out of you or your partner. Again, let’s resort to a stellar review left by a customer on Lovehoney’s website: “Oh. My. God. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. I swear I’ve just seen Jesus! This toy is unreal! A complete game changer! I can’t even…wow. Just wow!” I rest my case.

10. Dame Eva II

Dame Eva II
 $110 (was $140)

Eva II takes the phrase “look ma, no hands” to the next level. If you want a vibe that perfectly tucks into the labia while you’re bumping and grinding someone then you need this toy. It looks like a cute little bug or some type of creature with wings but it’s way stronger than a flying ant (?) with three wild vibrational pulses. It’s not going to secure to your body if you’re doing flips and tricks but it will survive most sex positions.

And there we have it. 10 clit-friendly sex toys to deliver the external pleasure that you’ve been so desperately craving. I can personally vouch that all of these products are fun to use solo and/or with a partner, but I highly recommend you try them out for yourself.


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Morgan Mandriota
Morgan Mandriota
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