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6 Creative Sex Positions To Try If You're Bored (Or Just Feeling Adventurous!)

Pretty much everyone I’ve ever talked to has had the sex epiphany. You know, the one where you find yourself daydreaming about your to-do list mid-thrust, and you realize: Holy shit, sex is getting boring. Maybe it’s when you’re fresh out of college and have only been banging dudes who’ve never heard of foreplay, or perhaps it’s after you’ve been with your partner for what feels like forever and you’ve got the naked-humping-orgasm thing down to a science. Whatever it is, you’re likely either ready to throw in the towel or in desperate need of creative sex positions like, yesterday. 

“Branching out and trying new sex positions is important because variety piques curiosity,” Marla Renee Stewart, a sexologist and sexpert for Lovers sexual wellness brand, tells Betches. Not only does experimenting help you uncover new fantasies, desires, and maybe even a sexual kink or two, but testing out creative sex positions can strengthen your relationship as well. “When you try new moves together, it creates an experience of learning and bonding,” Stewart explains. “Bonding is what helps you sustain a relationship, so trying new sex positions can help maintain that connection.”

It doesn’t matter if you like every position you try (or if you can even accomplish them). The point is to have fun exploring, whether that means you both have mind-blowing orgasms or laugh your asses off at your failed attempt to wheelbarrow. And since you’re far too hot to have cobwebs collecting down there, let’s dive into some of our fave creative sex positions, guaranteed to get you outta any sexual rut. 

Creative Sex Positions To Try:

Elevated Missionary

It’s like missionary, but better because it actually provides clit-stim. There are a few ways to do it, but essentially, we want the person on the bottom (AKA the one being penetrated) to lift their hips up as high as they can go. Sure, you can limber up and attempt a bridge-like move on your own, but honestly, that’s a solid way to tweak your back and kill the vibe. Instead, have your partner hold your hips in the air, shove a bunch of pillows under your ass, or use a sex wedge to give you some much-needed height. Not only does this provide *chef’s kiss* friction, but this way, you’re more ~exposed,~ so your SO can use their hands to give your erogenous zones some love. 

Literally Any Position + a Cock Ring

The cool thing about cock rings is that they make sex a million times better for everyone, and it involves zero extra effort on anyone’s part. When it comes to penetrative sex, there’s one toy Stewart says everyone should have on hand: the Playboy Pleasure Bunny Buzzer Cock Ring. As the name suggests, your partner slips the ring around their *ahem* penis, and the vibrations increase sensations and engorgement (while adding some top-notch stimulation for you as well). “Experimenting with this toy is fun because you can use it with most positions; it’s got a variety of settings to play with; it’s great with a strap-on; and it’s really useful for all types of penetration.” 10/10!

Over the Sofa

I know having sex *on* the couch is A Thing People Do In Movies, but what about having sex over the couch? You see, sex on a couch — while quirky in the sense that you’re in a different location — isn’t actually that different from sex on a bed. But! If you put the furniture to good use, you’ve got yourself a totally unique experience. Lean over the armrest or back (so your torso is on the couch, and your ass is off the side) and have your partner enter you from behind (or eat you out like the delicious buffet you are). Then think fondly back to your wild night of fucking the next time everyone gathers around for a family movie or game night with friends. Aww! 


You know the idea: One person puts their hands on the ground while the other person grabs their feet (or, in this case, hips), giving the very vague appearance of a wheelbarrow. What’s great about this one, Stewart says, is the challenge level. “The wheelbarrow (whether giving or receiving) can take an incredible amount of balance for both parties, and it also requires moving in sync with one another,” she explains. “When you have a good rhythm going, this can really be a fun position!” Best case, you both orgasm while getting an arm workout. Worst case, you collapse on the ground, laughing at how badly you failed. Either way, it’s a good time. 

Better Titty Sex

We all know the concept of titty sex — you push your boobs together, and your partner slides up between them with their dick, essentially jerking themselves off. This isn’t that, folks. The goal here is to have a nipple orgasm, a very real, very pleasurable experience. Lay back on the bed with your ass scooted all the way to the edge. Have your partner stand between your knees and insert their penis, strap-on, or fingers all up in there (using lube, pls). Then, Stewart suggests grabbing a multi-use erogenous vibrator like the Lovers Tiny Delight to tease your nipples. The combination of clit and nip stimulation will make your body feel things that low-key seem illegal. 

The Dog Groomer

There are two universal truths about sex: Doggy is one of the best positions ever, and shower sex is overrated. Usually. That’s why we’ve come up with a way to bring the two together to give the people what they want: Shower sex that actually feels good. The key here is for the receiving partner to bend at the hips, almost to the point of touching their toes. If you’re no longer flexible enough to pull off such a feat (respect), brace yourself by placing both hands firmly on the shower wall while your partner thrusts into you from behind. Ideally, the person bending over should face *away* from the water so you can, like, breathe, but do you. Last step: Use lots of silicone-based lube and throw down an anti-slip mat to avoid any awkward trips to the ER. 

Ultimately, the key to having fun with creative sex positions is just that: Have fun! Don’t take yourself so seriously, and lean into what feels good. Whether you end up finding a new favorite position or you discover something you don’t like, the goal is to learn more about your pleasure and have a good (or at least interesting?) time while you’re at it. And if it results in back-to-back orgasms that have you barking like a dog, all the better.

Rachel Varina
Rachel Varina
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