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Intimate Sex Positions You Should Only Try If You're In Love Or Just Very Friendly

Sex is probably the most intimate thing you’ll ever do with someone else (sans plucking a chin hair, buying furniture together, or letting them know you were wrong). But even so, there’s a big difference in intimacy between having sex with someone you kinda think is cute but whose first name is blanking in your head versus having sex with someone whose blood you’d wear in a vial around your neck. (But if both are the same person for you, I’ve got you covered). 

There are so many factors that play into increasing intimacy during sex: the level of eye contact, how much you press your body against your partner’s, and even how physically comfortable you are. And while you can feel close and connected with your partner in any sex position, when you intentionally find positions that take the above into account, you can create a sexual experience that’s not only physically amazing but also emotionally O-inducing. 

Attention all lovers and yearners, this one’s for you. Here are super intimate sex positions you should only try if you’re in love or trying to fall in love with your one-night stand. Either way, it’s about to get real intimate up in this betch.  

Intimate Sex Positions You Should Only Try If You’re In Love

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Not only is this sex position as intimate as it is easy to do, but it’s also super comfortable. Who said sex had to be hard? You or your partner sit upright in a chair or on the edge of the bed. Then, have the other person sit on top of them as if they were a chair (so your butt is on their genitals). Whether you choose penetration or not, this position gives you or your partner free reign to kiss and touch around your chest, stomach, legs, and crotch. 

Literally Any Kind of Riding 

Riding, like any form of missionary, is super intimate at its core because it allows you to be face-to-face with your partner so you can kiss or just stare passionately into each other’s eyes. But you’ll also want to save any kind of riding for that really special someone because, let’s face it… it’s a lot of fucking work. We’re not all built with Meg Thee Stallion knees, so if you’re going to ride, make sure the person’s worth it. 

Locked In 

Like I said, any kind of missionary position is the way to amp up intimacy during sex. But if you really want to get up close and personal (you know, aside from already being inside of someone), you can elevate missionary simply by having whoever is on the bottom wrap both their arms and legs around the partner on top. This will send the message that you’re holding on and never letting go. Plus, orgasming while you’re both pressed together is romantic AF, too. 

“French Kiss”

Nothing says romance more than a good ole’ French kiss. Lucky for you, there’s a sex position with the same name that allows you and your partner to eat each other’s faces off, all while you’re fucking. Have either you or your partner sit in a low chair or couch with their butt scooted toward the edge of the seat. Then, the other person should kneel in front of the chair so that both of your crotches are aligned. And there you go! You can tongue each other during the entirety of sex. 

Spooning Sex

Even in a non-sexual context, spooning can make you feel really connected to your partner. It’s just a cute and intimate thing to do. So when you do make it sexual, it just amplifies those feelings of closeness and connection. Whether you want to lift up a leg, keep them closed, or turn your face toward your partner behind you so that you can kiss while doing it, spooning during sex can make for a very romantic love-making sesh. 

“The Hound”

While “doggy” is definitely a fan favorite, I totally get if it doesn’t make you feel intimate with your partner in this position. You’re not face to face, and there’s not much contact except between their thighs and your butt (or vice versa). But, just by having whoever is behind lean slightly forward, you and your partner will be doing “the hound,” which is the very romantic sister of “doggy.” By leaning forward and pressing your chest to your partner’s back, you create more points of contact and even make it easier to explore their chest with your hands. This also makes it easier to have your partner turn their face toward you to kiss. Enjoy, you dirty dog!  

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad is a sex & dating writer at Betches despite not remembering the last time she was in a relationship. Just take her word for it.