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Taylor Swift (And Astrology) Confirms This Spring Is The Season For Revenge

From literal earthquakes to JoJo Siwa’s bad girl era, spring has clearly been tumultuous. Thankfully, we can look to the stars for our answers and clarity. The period leading up to the Spring Equinox saw Mercury enter its pre-retrograde shadow on March 13, indicating a shift in perspective and a potential for things to get a little out of whack. All this to say… Revenge has become the theme of spring 2024. 

The drama began to brew as Taylor and other artists dropped easter eggs about upcoming albums. We all became more lively and spirited as things started to percolate upon news of Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department and JoJo Siwa’s Not Made for Children hinted at themes of retribution. Beyonce’s “Jolene” from Cowboy Carter brought retaliation against a woman trying to steal her man “just because she can.”

What goes around does come around, and karma is a bitch, which we all see now due to the celestial forces at play. And while they say living well is the best revenge — I say you can do both this spring. Especially since Mercury is in retrograde, there’s a rare Jupiter and Uranus conjunction, two eclipses, two potent full moons, and Jupiter is entering a duplicitous sign. If you’re unfamiliar with what all this Astro-talk means, let me break it down. 

Spring 2024 Is The Season Of Revenge

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When dealing with the past, Aries escalates the drama quicker than an episode of Love is Blind. Mercury’s retrograde, which began on April 1 and lasts until April 25, is in the warrior sign. Taylor Swift’s album will expose the ins and outs of her relationship with Joe Alwyn, even insinuating that the relationship wasn’t real. JoJo Siwa’s single “Karma,” released on April 5, claims she’s the one who is suffering from the consequences of her missteps in the relationship because she saw it as vengeance on her ex

Viewers are consumed with shows like Palm Royale and Loot that center on getting back at friends, former romantic flames, and societal standards. Watching Kristin Wiig and Maya Rudolph play out our revenge fantasies is all the more satisfying because we have been dreaming of the same since Mercury began moving backward and eclipse season began

The new season of Vanderpump Rules portrays Ariana taking charge over the Scandoval drama that arose last year. At the same time, Tom seeks revenge because he feels betrayed by everyone, especially after having an affair with his girlfriend’s best friend. Life, amirite? 

Right after the two juicy eclipses that unfolded on March 25 and April 8, Queen Bethenny Frankel is serving up her side of the divorce and not holding back. Although she claims it’s not about revenge — she’s sharing it all—props to Bethenny for using her experience as a lesson for anyone going through the same process. 

Angelina Jolie demonstrates that living well is the best way to seek revenge. She was producing The Outsiders on Broadway and opened her clothing store in New York City. Additionally, she is expressing her thoughts about her past relationship with Brad Pitt without hesitation.

How Long Is Mercury Retrograde In 2024? 

The retrograde time for Mercury’s backspin won’t end on the 25th. Unfortunately, we will be experiencing the retro shade until May 13, which is the sketchiest and worst time of the retrograde because people will make significant revelations and confront matters publicly that will rock the world to its core. Siri, put a reminder in my calendar for this date.

On April 20, the rare conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus will offer us a fresh outlook on things. This change in energy will help us realize how some people have been neglecting us and not showing enough love or care. It’s worth noting that this celestial event coincides with the release of Taylor Swift’s album, The Tortured Artist’s Department

The feeling of jealousy will intensify on April 23, during the pink full moon in Scorpio, as it will Square Pluto. This will make us feel the need for retribution against those who haven’t been loving us correctly. Consequently, the movie Cinderella’s Revenge, due out on April 26, portrays Cinderella as seeking revenge against her step-sisters with the help of her fairy godmother. Although the film has a darker tone than the original fairy tale, it emphasizes the importance of justice for Cinderella!! 

We are all familiar with the desire for vengeance. Many hateful and internalized feelings need to surface and boil over for people to move forward with their lives. Let’s blame it on the stars because some intensity is happening with the planets, which can be the root cause. 

Vengeance Won’t Stop Anytime Soon

The upcoming full moon on May 23 may lead to some conflicts as the associated zodiac sign is known to be untruthful. This sign tends to attack directly and emotionally, so we may witness some people using harsh words and aiming to hurt others’ feelings. On May 25, the planet Jupiter will move into Gemini, a sign known for its love of gossip and sharing news. With this planetary shift, we may see an increase in revelations and uncovering of secrets, as Gemini is not one to let things go unnoticed. We may be in for a reckoning as our past plotting and scheming may come to light. 

The reckoning is here, and we aren’t remaining silent! Issues will come to light, and no one’s backing down. If that means seeking retribution for circumstances from the past or speaking out against an ex, then so be it. Revenge, after all, is a dish served cold, and this spring is serving.

Lisa Stardust
Lisa Stardust
Lisa Stardust (they/she) is a New York City-based astrologer, tarot reader, life coach, and a three-time bestselling author. Follow Lisa on Instagram for her daily horoscopes on Instagram @lisastardustastro.