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JoJo Siwa And Avery Cyrus' Breakup Was Somehow Messier Than We Even Realized

As someone who saw maybe three episodes of Dance Moms while it was on, I honestly had no clue who JoJo Siwa was until her coming out became huge news in early 2021. Still, I didn’t know much about her at all… and then, I got severely addicted to TikTok. Over the past few years, this girl has managed to dominate my For You an impressive amount of time considering I’m not wearing any bright colors or bows in my hair. So although I can’t name any JoJo projects aside from Dance Moms and now “Karma” (which is iconic), I know quite a bit about her personal life.

Plenty of us TikTok users stumbled upon JoJo’s extremely public relationship with content creator — and fellow Disney adult — Avery Cyrus. They were hard to miss on the app between the Chuck E. Cheese and Disney World date videos. JoJo and Avery dated from September to December 2022, and their split was messy. The singer claimed she got “fucking played” and that Avery used her for “views and clout.” Oh, influencer love. Obviously, I’m invested now, so I’m pleased that JoJo decided to spill all the Avery tea during a recent appearance on Call Her Daddy. Here’s everything that really went down between Jojo Siwa and Avery Cyrus.


Well @JoJo Siwa, we all have so many questions… time to come on Call Her Daddy 😏

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Avery Allegedly Sent JoJo A “Fucked Up” Message[/embed]

JoJo got real with host Alex Cooper, thank goodness. She explained that her relationship with Avery was “very public,” which was their choice. “There has been a lot that went down that if this microphone wasn’t on, I would tell you what she did, what she told me anonymously, but I had to have my security team handle it,” she said. JoJo claimed that she got a “really, really, really fucked up” message, and her security team was able to confirm that Avery sent it.

“It built a trauma that I didn’t even know I have,” JoJo said on the podcast. “Now I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s why you can’t talk to a girl.'” She emphasized that the situation is a “whole ass legal thing behind closed doors.” It all went down about three months after they broke up, according to the performer. JoJo added, “And I was the one that chose the breakup, but it’s still not easy.”

JoJo Has Trust Issues And People She Dates Have To Go Through Background Checks

She admitted on Call Her Daddy that she has trust issues from her tough split from Avery. Since that incident, anyone she dates has to pass a literal background check. “I hate it!” JoJo exclaimed. “I have to alert my security team and be like, ‘So, I’m talking to X right now.’ And then they do a little bit of a background [check].” She called it a “normal celebrity thing.” Honestly, I might start implementing the same practice because the dating pool out here is increasingly terrifying.

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