Jojo Siwa Interview Moments That Keep Me Up At Night

Jojo Siwa and her team are working overtime to make Jojo’s “bad girl era” happen. And unlike Gretchen Weiners with fetch, it doesn’t seem like Jojo’s going to give up without a fight. On the one hand, we have to applaud any 20-year-old woman with enough confidence to plaster her face around her whip not once but twice. And though her trademark blond pony was a pop culture staple, we are equally as supportive of her giving those edges a rest.  On the other hand, we can’t lie — the overnight pivot from Abby Lee’s tiny dancer to Hot Topic’s employee of the month is more than a little jarring. To promote Jojo’s new look and Jojo’s even newer music, the popstar-in-the-making has been giving the press a lot to talk about and it’s… different.

Something about watching Jojo’s interviews is giving me the same feeling I get when I (bravely) look back at my 2011 photo albums on Facebook. Did I need to have a photoshoot in the middle of a basement party on the dirty flip-cup table? Sources say no, I did not. But I had a vision I desperately needed the world to see even if they weren’t ready for it, so I can relate to Jojo’s current state of mind. Let’s deep dive all of Jojo Siwa’s viral interview moments because this is history in the making, I fear.

Jojo Goes Psycho for Bangerz

@accesshollywood @JoJo Siwa tells us about her muse for her rebrand, plus all the details about the upcoming #DanceMoms reunion. #iheartawards2024 ♬ original sound – Access Hollywood

On the iHeart Radio Music Awards red carpet in her now infamous Kiss meets Johnny Weir-inspired fit, Jojo told Access Hollywood that Miley Cyrus is her biggest idol and that she intends to replicate Miley’s controversial Bangerz era. I’m not sure we as a nation can survive that a second time but okay, Jojo. When asked later on in the exchange what she thinks her former Dance Moms co-stars would think of her new vibe Jojo says “They probably think I’m psycho. Valid.” Hey, every friend group has a wildcard.

“This is the beast moment. This, this is the karma… karma island… karma is home”

Jojo Siwa
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While I’m not entirely sure what the first fifteen words of Jojo’s on-set chat with Entertainment Tonight were supposed to give, I did live for her straight-to-camera growl at the top of the package. Jojo says her goal is to make people go “what” while channeling Michael Jackson, Prince, Bowie, Gaga, Freddie Mercury, and Elvis. A tall order, but with 20-plus songs straight from the “deep dark hole in [her] brain” already in the bank, at least she has a plan.

Jojo’s Dream Podcast Guest

@iheartradio This would break the internet!!! @JoJo Siwa lets do it! 🎧 #iHeartAwards2024 ♬ original sound – iHeartRadio

With her newly launched podcast Jojo Siwa Now, the triple threat has been opening up about many life experiences including her blossoming dating life. So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when she said her “dream podcast guest” would be one of her exes to “spice things up.” Jojo, girl, dream bigger.

21st Bday Bash Alert

Mark your cals, Siwanators. Jojo not so coyly dropped hints at the 35th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in March that she would likely be performing on her birthday this year while pretending to be drunk because it’s not her thing (more power to her but also kindly recommending to not pretend, for anyone else’s sake). The way she pauses a good ten seconds for dramatic effect doing the ‘You Like Krabby Patties, Don’t You Squidward?’ face combined with the sudden southern drawl when she says her publicist is SO gonna scream at her for spilling the beans is low-key camp. She ends this v enlightening interview full of countless gems by revealing she already has tattoos for her future kids Freddy, Teddy, and Eddy whose sperm donor she has selected years in advance (didn’t know that was a thing), and that “NSYNC Joey,” Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato have been her biggest supporters. Sounds like a dream blunt rotation to me.

Silly Goofy Mood

@whatspoppin E873: If you yell at @JoJo Siwa she’s not gonna cry, because karma’s gonna get you! #whatspoppin #jojosiwa #glaad ♬ Episode 873 – What’s Poppin? With Davis!

Davis of What’s Poppin’ also caught Jojo at the GLAAD Awards carpet. The tongue. That’s all. No further comment.

A Message To The Haters

@glutenfreecrocs @JoJo Siwa listening party at rocco’s in weho tonight #karma #jojo #jojosiwa #karma #weho #westhollywood ♬ original sound – katy mae 💐

Jojo is very well aware that the buzz around her transformation has attracted some haters but she’s not letting that get her down. Promoting “Karma” this week in West Hollywood, Jojo said despite their trolling she’s winning with a billboard charting hit because even if people don’t want to admit it, her new single is a guilty pleasure bop. With that in mind, I’m shoulder-shimmying over to Spotify to stream “Karma” out of solidarity. You go, Jojo.

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