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Obsessed With The Staud Sardine Bag? I Have A Dupe For You

Everyone and their mom is obsessed with the Staud sardine bag (including me). Who would’ve thought that a hand-beaded design of a small, oily fish would have me turning over my bank details? Of course, food-themed fashion is one of the biggest trends of the past year, so naturally, sardines fit in nicely. Unfortunately, I’m not in a place where I can drop $300 without notice. But if you’re willing to part ways with the fishy motif, Anthropologie has a produce-inspired beaded bag that will win you over for a fraction of the price.

The $88 shoulder bag features two different designs: bright red tomatoes on a soft-blue background for those who can’t leave tomato-girl summer behind, and a bouquet of olives on a pink background for those of us who take our martini dirty. As one person wrote on Twitter, “They’re under $100; it’s basically a tax write-off.”

Once the five-star reviews reassured me that it would fit my phone, keys, sunscreen, wallet, and lip gloss, I hit the purchase button. I’ve officially been INFLUENCED and am already planning my entire summer wardrobe around this perfect shoulder bag. It’s all breezy dresses and headscarves from here, folks.

No judgment if you’re feeling like going all the way and adding the sardine bag to your cart as well. There’s a reason we’re all going feral for her online. Do what you need to do, bestie.

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The Tomato Fiona Beaded Bag

The Olive Fiona Beaded Bag

Tommy Beaded Bag Staudines Pink

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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