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How To Store Your Sex Toys Like A Fucking Adult

If you’re like me, one sex toy is not even close to enough. But because I am an avid purchaser of all-things-sex, I’ve found that my collection has gotten a little out of control. I’m talking boxes of sex toys thrown around with no attempt at organization. It’s not the number of sex products I have that’s a problem (hey, you can never have too many sex toys), it’s the fact that they’re all disordered and jumbled up. And while it’s no one’s business how I store my sex toys, I’ll have to admit it’s pretty unsexy when I’m hot and heavy with a partner, decide to get a toy, and have to rummage through several cardboard boxes to get the toy I’m looking for. 

But no more. I’ve decided that because I’m an adult woman who lives alone and pays taxes (this is somehow related, I swear), my sex toy collection should reflect my maturity. After some extensive research, I have found a bunch of cute storage ideas for sex toys that I’m going to weigh and then commit to. So whether you want your sex products on full display or are looking for something more inconspicuous, here are some fun storage ideas for all your sex contraptions. 

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Get Individual Cloth Bags

For a lot of silicone sex toys, keeping them out in the open can actually wear them down overtime, so a good way to make sure worn-out silicone isn’t touching your cooch is to get individual cloth bags for your toys. This might seem excessive, but it’s totally worth it. And if you want, you can get little printed labels for each bag so you know what you’re reaching for. 

100 Percent Cotton Muslin Drawstring Bags

Use A Filing System

If you’re going for a full sex-room kind of vibe, there’s no shame in storing your sex stuff in some sort of sliding drawers or furniture meant just for them. And if you really have a lot of sex products, you can organize them by category: vibes in the first drawer, lubes in the next, and… rope at the bottom? Whatever makes sense to you.

Ktaxon End Side Table Nightstand with 3 Drawers

Keep Them In Their Original Boxes

If your sex toy comes in super cute packaging, there’s no rule against just keeping it in there. Sure, this storage option might take up more space than other options but if you have the space to store all your sex toys and their boxes, go for it. 

Have A Designated Sexy Bedside Drawer

I’m a fan of the bedside sex drawer. Sure, keep the first drawer for all your nighttime essentials like your meds, hand cream, and favorite book, but for the drawer under that? SEX. Make it your designated sexy drawer. There you can store your essentials like condoms, water-based lubricant, arousal gel, and aftercare wipes.

Get Under-The-Bed Storage Containers

If you’re still into keeping your sex toy storage super discreet, you can always get sliding under-the-bed storage containers. Whether you choose transparent ones or solid ones with a cute color, they’ll always be at easy reach and you don’t have to worry about sacrificing any other storage space.

Clear Under Bed Storage Box


Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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