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Mercury Is In Retrograde, Earthquakes Are In NJ, And The Eclipse Is On Monday. I Asked An Astrologist To Coddle Me

I was already mentally preparing for the eclipse on Monday, April 8 (aka frantically scrolling through astrology TikTok) when I felt the earthquake. Sorry, let me be more specific, I felt the earthquake in New Jersey, where I live. That’s right, in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde in Aries and a total solar eclipse set to take place in a few days, the literal earth shook in New fucking Jersey of all places. While I could go on a tangent on how I live in Jersey to avoid shit like this, that’s beside the point. After I stared at my shaking chandelier long enough to realize what was happening I too, was shook.

After calling my family and texting the group chats making sure everyone was okay, I immediately messaged my go-to astrologist Lisa Stardust who not only felt the earthquake happen in New York where she was, but also broke down how it might be tied to the eclipse and what that means for all of us. 

Why Did The Earthquake Happen? According To An Astrologer 

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“Scientifically, earthquakes aren’t caused by eclipses or full moons, however, the moon can have an effect in inducing an earthquake,” Lisa tells Betches. If something is imminent, like when you’re in labor and things are progressing slowly, an eclipse can accelerate the process, sort of like something you’d do to induce labor. The earthquake was probably going to happen anyway, but the eclipse essentially expedited it. 

When it comes to analyzing earthquakes, Lisa says that we consider concurrent astrological transits. Currently, Mercury is retrograde in Aries alongside several other planets, including Venus and the Sun. 

So, that’s why we’re having all those volcano eruptions that are happening too,” she says. Specifically, the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, both earth signs, on April 20, amplifies unexpected changes to the Earth. The gravitational forces of the moon and the sun affect the Earth’s elasticity, similar to how they can influence tides. The milder impact of the recent earthquake, compared to the one in Taiwan just a few days ago, for example, can be linked to the moon’s position in Pisces, which tends to make it less severe. Lisa explains that all of these “celestial configurations” likely influenced the seismic activity by affecting the Earth’s elasticity. 

“I would say that Mercury retrograde did have an effect on it too just because it seems that this eclipse is going to be aspecting Mercury retrograde,” Lisa says.

What Does This Eclipse Mean?

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In different cultures and religions, including Vedic Astrology, a total solar eclipse is basically a really bad omen (yikes!). This is because while a full moon typically means illumination, the darkness of the moon during an eclipse can feel like the opposite. It inhibits our ability to perceive and understand.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen during an eclipse because eclipses are unpredictable,” Lisa says. “Just like an earthquake is unpredictable.”

Lisa explains that with this eclipse occurring on the north node of destiny and influenced by Mercury Retrograde in Aries and Chiron, its impact is heightened. Chiron, (which NASA classified as a centaur because of its size) adds another layer. Eclipses tend to unveil hidden information or urge us to address unresolved issues. This might seem daunting, but it paves the way for healing and fresh beginnings. Lisa explains that we can expect to see people confronting past relationships or frustrations as a lot of emotions come to the surface. 

“So you’re going to hear a lot of people who are getting closure on exes who are getting into arguments with people, people who are frustrated, because a lot of what’s been brewing up inside of them about people or situations is coming out,” she explains. “But sometimes we need to release that in order to heal and to move forward with people. You know, sort of like what Lindsay Lohan would call in Mean Girls, a “word vomit.’”

What Should I Do During The Eclipse? 

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Lisa advises against making hasty decisions, especially during Mercury retrograde because things can be really complicated. She says it’s crucial not to overreact. 

“​​Don’t make any moves until after you’ve got all the information,” she says. “And don’t flip out over half of the story, because there’s a lot more coming up.”

And with Mercury Retrograde adding to the unpredictability, it basically feels like a triple dose of uncertainty. Plus, when you think about every planet in Aries that’s going to be stirred by the eclipse, you might notice people act more impulsively than usual — probably because of their ego. Lisa says to take a step back if you notice yourself doing this. Obviously, it’s natural to want to succeed and prioritize yourself, but she says it’s equally important to practice kindness, empathy, and compassion toward others — especially now. Basically, speak to people how you want to be spoken to. 

“And don’t jump into situations right away,” Lisa says. “Everyone needs to just stay in their own lane.”

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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