Here's How Mercury Retrograde Will F*ck With Your Life

Guess who’s around the corner, just waiting to give you an excuse to text or hex your ex? That’s right, it’s Mercury retrograde! All retrogrades are not created equal, and this one is taking place in the love-obsessed zodiac sign of Libra. As Mercury backpedals through the zodiac from September 27 through October 19, we’ll have a chance to revisit themes, conversions, people, and events from the past that require some adjustment and revision before ushering in our next glow-up.

So, what does it mean when Mercury retrograde happens in Libra? Relationships of all kinds—romantic, platonic, familial—are all at the forefront of our minds. Libra is a zodiac sign that’s ruled by the planet Venus. In astrology, Venus governs over our love language, desires, interest, finances, values, and more. Depending on where Libra is placed within our birth chart (a snapshot of where the stars and planets were the moment you were born) Mercury retrograde actually affects each zodiac sign differently.

Collectively, this won’t be a walk through the park. Mercury will sync with two of the most intense planets in the sky, Mars and Pluto, during its reversal. Jealousy, manipulation, and power struggles can easily rear their heads during this period. Let’s take a look at what you can expect for your zodiac sign.


Your ex is literally calling, Aries. Mercury retrograde is firmly planted in your 7th house of long-term partnerships. If it isn’t a former flame sliding in your DMs, it may be time to face your role in any co-dependent relationships or friendships. The scales are off balance and need some adjusting. Do you really need to send paragraph texts to your BFF nonstop all day? Spoiler alert: No one has time for that.


No one said kicking bad habits is fun, Taurus, but this retrograde has you reflecting on your daily routine and how you may be holding yourself back. Yes, like ripping the bong every morning before work. Is that necessary, or does it just make your morning Zoom meetings less soul-crushing? Time to rework your daily routine and call in some healthy habits. Did someone say green smoothie?


Have you been aboard the Gaslight Express, Gemini? No judgment, but some of your ghosts may finally catch up to you. Mercury retrograde is traveling through a sector of your chart that reigns over sex, play, and romance. You might have some explaining to do with someone you ghosted, or perhaps it’s time to confront a fuckboy from the past.


There’s no drama like family drama, Cancer, and you’re ready for fireworks. Mercury retrograde lights up your 4th house of home, family, and ancestry. Skeletons in the closet make an appearance just before Halloween. There’s intensity that needs to be resolved with either a living situation or within your family unit. You’re doing some cosmic heavy lifting this time around.


Congrats, Leo, you can expect the most cliche of retrograde experiences: make sure you’ve backed up your computer and your phone has a protective case. Technology and communication will be messier for you than Scott Disick’s DMs. Be mindful before hitting send on emails and texts—miscommunication, embarrassing spelling errors, and even messaging the wrong person can land you in some awkward territory.


You may think you’re finally ready to pull the plug on some big purchases, Virgo, because you’ve spent the past week reviewing every possible pro and con during your late-night insomnia bouts. This retrograde, your finances and income take center stage. Before you write that check, you may want to consider if you can wait. Unexpected bills may pop up out of nowhere and big purchases, like a used car, may have more problems than advertised.


Oh, Libra, what a treat! Retrograde is in your sign and activating your first house of self and identity. All eyes are on you. You may feel called to make a drastic change to your appearance, and the stars have aligned and are begging you to not get bangs or a new tattoo. You’re also a little extra visible right now, so don’t be surprised if you hear from a handful of exes.


No one will ever fully understand the depth and complexity of your mind, Scorpio, but this retrograde wants you to take a closer look. This retrograde activates a part of your chart that rules the subconscious. What self-defeating behaviors or patterns are holding you back? Stalking your partner’s ex’s IG won’t land you in good graces with your therapist (nor is it good for you in the long run, you know that). Consider reflecting on the underlying reason for some of your bad habits and make a change.


You’re friendly af, Sag, let’s be real, but that buoyant and vivacious personality also attracts anyone and everyone. Some old friends from the past may pop up out of thin air. That energy vampire from your first office job? Just found you on LinkedIn! You may have to set boundaries (ew, no fun, we know) within your friendships. Otherwise, you’ll be grabbing coffee and playing catch-up for the next few weeks, and nobody really wants that.


Completely shocking to no Capricorn ever: This retrograde focuses on your job! This is your cosmic excuse to obsess over your work. You may hear from old colleagues or bosses who have opportunities for you. Be warned, though: It’s not always wise to repeat the past, even if they’re offering six figures. Use your discernment and don’t focus on cash. If you’ve been having issues with an authority figure at work, well, buckle up. This retrograde will be a bumpy ride.


You’ve got a serious case of wanderlust, Aquarius. You’re eager to get out of town at a moment’s notice. If you’ve had to cancel travel plans due to, well, the apocalyptic state of the world, you may find this retrograde as the perfect time to rebook your trip for a future date. Consider taking a weekend road trip, if possible. You’re dying for new sights and connections.


What’s that peeking in from around the corner, Pisces? Repressed trauma? This retrograde has a psychological emphasis for you—it’s important to sort through some of your shit and embrace your shadow work. Unacknowledged pain or issues are bound to pop up and you’re more easily triggered. Time to invest in working through some of your deeper issues to leave this retrograde feeling refreshed and ready for your next chapter.

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Stephanie Campos-Powell
Stephanie Campos-Powell
Stephanie Campos-Powell is an astrologer, mystic, editor, writer, and cat lover (she has four). She’s a Leo and truly believes she missed her calling as a child star. Reading celebrity birth charts makes her heart flutter, and so does Zumba. In her spare time, you can find her creating passive aggressive astrology memes and trying to make the world a more magical place.