Real World Roundup: Study Confirms Nice People Totally Suck

As if we needed another reason to hate nice guys, this study in the LA Times says that nice guys not only finish last, but also make less money. We knew there was a reason we were drawn to such SABs. Assholes make more money because they thrive in conflict so the fact that he enjoys watching you blow up at him for not texting you back aligns with his ability to get a raise by being the biggest doucebag in the office. Swoon. Read article>>

Kris Jenner posted a picture of herself dressed up as Superwoman for Halloween, supposedly not noticing that her nipples were out. Talk about an embarrassing nip slip attention grab, I think I'd die of shame if she were my grandma. She later deleted the pictures but Khloe instagrammed it again saying “hi nips, that's my mom.” I guess when you're married to a man who looks like a lesbian, you need all the twitter attention you can get. Read article>>

Lindsay Lohan apparently decided to get high and do some live tweeting of the presidential debate last night (samesies). Among Lindsay's earth shattering, insighful thoughts were “1920s…1950s it's all the SAME history repeats itself, only if you let it”, “OMG IT”S HAPPENING!!!!!….the FINAL DEBATE!!!!! I'm so nervous” and more about her relief that the debate was finally over, as she clearly had more anxiety not knowing what the fuck was going on than both Romney and Obama. She also agreed with Sarah Silverman that indeed, teachers are the best. Note: Is it ever okay to talk shit about teachers? Read article>>

In what has to be the biggest fall from glamour in the history of pop music, Christina Aguilera has been offered $3 million to be the spokesperson for a dating site for fat girls. Seriously, does no one remember this skinny bitch in the “Dirty” music video. Come on Xtina, get your shit together. If Britney can lose the weight so can you. None of this cop out/embracing your curves/baby weight bullshit. We'd be really disappointed if you lent your face to be the poster child for chubby chasers. Read article>>



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