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An Official Ranking Of The Best And Worst Dressed Celebs At Coachella

So yeah, despite what the streets have been saying, Coachella is definitely not “out.” In fact, the Indio, California musical festival seems to be more popping than it’s ever been. Tayvis chilling in the pit? A surprise Justin Bieber and Tems performance? Renee Rapp having the L Word cast introduce her? Harry Daniels cornering every celeb he hasn’t victimized yet and torturing their ears with his iconic vocals? I couldn’t look away from my phone for two minutes this weekend without missing a life-changing event.

Sadly, the Queen of Coachella herself, Vanessa Hudgens, didn’t make it to the desert this year. However, plenty of other royals showed up in style and… not in style. The influencers and actual celebs tried their best (I suppose), but aside from a few standouts, I would honestly say it was not the most impressive round of Coachella fashion. As someone who has no formal fashion knowledge whatsoever and has never been to Coachella, here’s my official best and worst dressed at Coachella 2024 list.

Paris Hilton – Best

Paris Hilton at Coachella 2024
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Paris was absolutely sliving at the festival this year. The cowboy hat! The cutout! The jewelry! The soft waves! This woman knows how to dress for Coachella Valley. Period.

Taylor Swift – Worst

Taylor Swift Coachella 2024
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Although she’s perhaps the best living songwriter, I fear Taylor making the worst dressed list is not unusual. Obviously, she always looks gorgeous, but her boyfriend’s podcast hat is not exactly high fashion, and it seems like she was trying to not stand out in this very simple, all-black getup. This does makes sense given her pit adventure.

Charli D’Amelio – Best

Charli D'Amelio Coachella 2024
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Um. I think Charli won Coachella fashion this year?? She looked ridiculously good and totally on-theme in her layered black and white bras, belly chain, and sheer black skirt. Take notes, other famous people.

Megan Fox – Worst

Megan Fox Coachella 2024
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Is that not Chelsea from Love Is Blind? JK. But oof. It would be physically impossible for Megan to not look stunning, but there’s too much — and somehow not enough — going on with this fit. There are conflicting vibes (rock concert, sophisticated boots, country, etc.), but it’s also kinda boring.

Ice Spice – Best

Ice Spice Coachella 2024
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This busy lacy bodysuit feels like it shouldn’t work, but it does. She looked so cute!! I’m living for the delicate little bows and the huge furry boots. Ice Spice always looks amazing in black.

Shakira – Worst

Shakira Coachella 2024
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Sigh. I’m sorry, I can’t get behind this. The knit red and yellow minidress just really didn’t do it for me but A for effort!

Gwen Stefani x Olivia Rodrigo – Best

Gwen Stefani and Olivia Rodrigo at Coachella 2024
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I’m just a girl, so I basically fainted when I saw a video of Olivia coming out to sing “Bathwater” with Gwen. Gwen was killing it in her rockstar fishnet fit, and Liv looked incredible dressed like ’90s Gwen. A little commotion for the updo!

Doja Cat – Worst

Doja Cat at Coachella 2024
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I’m thinking this look was more of an artistic choice for the performance rather than an attempt at being super en vogue. To be fair, Doja Cat is a wildly talented performer, so whatever makes her feel comfortable, I approve.

Barry Keoghan – Best

Barry Keoghan at Coachella 2024
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Why did he kinda slay? The world’s most supportive boyfriend was obviously there to see pop princess Sabrina carpenter in action. (He literally filmed her whole performance.) Maybe I’m being too easy on him, but I’m just vibing with the white and plaid for some reason.

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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