Real World Roundup: Kanye West is Kanye Cross-Dressed

Sarah Palin's son Track is getting divorced and he gets to keep the guns and the $30,000 bank account. Yay for Alaskan scheister lawyers. Track also has a one year old daughter with his soon to be ex, but has yet to take the spotlight away from Bristol as the biggest fuck up of the brood. The shocking thing is that Track only makes like $45,000 a year so I don't understand why his wife would marry him in the first place. Read article>>

Kanye West wore a skirt last night and cries could be heard all over Facebook and Twitter. People were shocked, people were outraged, people were surprised, and I, as usual didn't give a shit because I was too busy watching One Direction, Chris Christie and Barbara Walters' unevenly face-lifted eyebrows on her special Most Interest People of 2012 segment last night. Also, he wore a skirt last year. So Kanye has at least 2 skirts in his closet. Something to think about. Read article>>

Anne Hathaway decided to not wear underwear to a premiere of Les Mis and not surprisingly, this got caught on camera by the paps. Anne was “sad” to learn that people don't respect your commando privacy when you're an actress paid millions of dollars to be in the spotlight. If Britney taught betches anything it's that if you're fucking famous you should put on some underwear. Anne obviously did not get the memo. Bet she wished she could've dreamed a dream where her vagina isn't on some guy's camera. Read article>>

Amanda Seyfried proves she is a huge betch by going on David Letterman totally wasted after drinking a lot of whiskey (It was a bday present from Russell Crowe, people!) Anyway, buzz kill D-Letts asked her if she'll ever have to go to rehab to which she replies, “probz not. I'm only 27. Throw me a frickin' bone here. Maybe by the time I'm old as fuck as you Dave I'll consider entering Promises. Until then, ask me questions about shit people really want to hear, like how difficult it was to play Karen Smith.” The best part is when she starts unknowingly semi-screaming…because she's drunk…and awesome. Like a true betch she follows that tale of her being drunk with “I don't drink often.” Talk about making shit upRead article>>



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