Real World Roundup: Entourage Gets Green Light to Become Inevitably Shitty Movie

Warner Brothers has given Entourage the green light to make the Entourage movie. Mark Wahlberg is super excited to drag this shit out for as long as possible and possibly make a few bucks. He's quoted as saying “I just think we can make a great movie. I think people always wanted [it] and have complained that the episodes are too short — they've always wanted more,” he said. He later added. “Also, say hello to ya' mothah for me.” Read article>>

British people's demand for Kate Middleton's nose has tripled since 2011. Apparently she has a small, near perfect nose that the Brits just can't get enough of. If you ask us, they should be emulating her teeth. That seems like a bigger British problem. Read article>>

A University of Michigan Law School professor sent out an email that leaked his whole classes grades in an excel sheet. The school then sent a followup email asking kids to not read the email. Yeah, because that sounds exactly like something people with the high morality of future law school students would do: disregard compelling evidence. Not that a betch really gives a shit what anyone else's grades are except that they might want to sit closer to them in class in order to cheat off of them. Read article>>

Brandi Glanville reveals in her memoir (whose title was apparently changed from “It's Not Cancer It's Divorce” to a slight more sensitive and fluffed up title “Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders”) that she charged a $12,000 vaginal rejuvenation surgery to Eddie Cibrian's credit card after he left her for Leann Rimes. As annoying as Brandi can be regarding not shutting the fuck up about her divorce and her ex-husband I have to say this is pretty fucking good payback. Read article>>



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