Pretty Much Every Famous Rapper’s Son Wants To Go To UCLA

Snoop Dog's son Cordell committed to UCLA to play football next year, and P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Comb's son Justin already plays football there, so high school betches need to change their college plans and head to UCLA to wife up a rich-as-fuck, athletic son of a Rap God. It's kind of like the newest version of the Lucky Sperm Club.

UCLA Football really should start their own version of the Bachelor: Dropping It Like It's Hot with Cordell (Snoop Dog Jr) or Young, Black, and Famous with Christian (Puff Son). I bet UCLA gets a deal on weed and Ciroc. Like instead of donating a building they just set up the Combs Family Liquor Store or Snoop's “Medical” Marijuana Dispensary. UCLA security better step up its game asap.




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