Betches Love This Song: Daised and Confused

Yo betches and bitches,

Are you ready to have your minds blown? No like seriously, the shit we have for you this week will blow your weekends up bigger than any fucking Yemen underwear bomb. And how about all you NYC Bs, are you getting ready for EDC next week? Well you fucking should be. Isn't it such a joke though, Daisy claiming it's their first time coming to NY, yet the shit's happening in NEW JERSEY. What, Ingrosso's setting up in the Manzo's backyard? Doubt she'll let anyone near the family though, THEY'RE THICK AS THIEVES.


bitch city 3lau


The Veldt – Deadmau5 feat. Chris James: This is the lead single from Deadmau5's new album The Veldt EP and it's chill as shit. If you've ever fiended for Raise Your Weapon like we fiend for drugs (while listening to Raise Your Weapon) then this will be your new fix.


We Own the Troll Resurrection (Huge Euge Mashup): No we don't understand the title, no we don't know who Huge Euge is, and yes we love this song….like a lot, especially at 1:35. If you're a words kind of betch, D-dubs. They come in about half way through.


B#tch City – 3Lau and R3hab: This pregame track will take you all the way back to the heavenly days of DJ Sammy. 3Lau personally told us that this track was inspired by betches soooo I mean ….we'll take it. And hey, everyone knows the real letter behind that hashtag. 3Lau? More like <3lau.


Learn to Fly – The Knocks: This song is new but it's fucking everywhere. It reminds us a little of the Midnight City chill vibe that's perfect to blaze to or like, use in a car commercial.


Llove (Dada Life Remix) – Kaskade: This track is live from Coachella and our opinion of it is stated in the title…Llove!

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