Kanye Wrote A New Song For North West With Paul McCartney

Kanye West released a new song today and it's the epitome of Kanye: conceited, self-congratulatory, and phenomenal. It's classic that Kanye won't change North's diapers, and Kim doesn't trust him to put North to sleep, but he's the best father in the world because he wrote a song about her. Just saying, it's basically Beyonce's “Blue” written for North instead of Blue Ivy. He collabbed with Paul McCartney, which may be a signal of the collapse of Western Civilization, but also the best way to shut down every hater in the world.

Like even if this song was the musical equivalent of Friday, everyone would say it was the best song they'd ever heard because it's fucking Kanye and Paul McCartney. You can't shit on anything that says Feat. Paul McCartney – except for his failed marriage. Looks like 2014 was a little bit too Kimye focussed for Kanye, so he wants 2015 all to himself.

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