How to: Dress Like You’re In the 1% When You’re Not

Okay so we know that most betches are rich as fuck in addition to being overwhelmingly beautiful. But what happens when a betch's trust fund runs out and she still needs to save face at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic? Since being a betch is about a state of mind rather than the amount of dollars in your bank account, we've devised a handy system to fake it until you make it. Here's how to dress like you're in the 1% when you're not via our friends at Necessary Clothing. 

For the Hamptons Betch


Lace Queen Dress


Perfection Off The Shoulder Top

For the WASB betch who would actually step foot in church 


Waldorf Bow Blouse – Mint

For the JAB who studied abroad in Tel Aviv and [occasionally] goes to temple


Techy Stripe Dress

For the Nicegirl We Love to Talk Shit About 


Sea Days Dress

For the betch who has 'Q-tip legs'


Pumped Up Kicks Wedge Sneakers

For the betch who works out [at equinox. fucking duh]

Miley Leggings

For every single betch whos favorite color is black


All The Way Tunic

For the betch who attends classy equestrian shit

High Road Blouse

For the betch so skinny her thighs dont touch and likes to rave.


Hot Girl in the City Short

For the betch who wants to show off her back bones.

(Back bones are the new collar bones which were the new skinny arm duh)


Bottoms Up Tee

So if you like this shit, come to their grand opening party party on Wednesday and drink with us on Canal Street. And if you don't, fuck you. We don't give a shit.


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