Diet Coke’s Chicest Moments

According to someone's Facebook status, today is Coca Cola's 127th birthday, and because betches will make any excuse to celebrate anything we thought it was only appropriate to dedicate a post to one of our greatest loves, #44 Diet Coke.

The Diet Coke bottle has more loyal fans than Bieber and has had more makeovers than Michael Jackson. She's the Queen of beverages and therefore, the chicest soft drink that is potentially really bad for you betch you'll ever meet. 

Marc Jacobs chic'ed the shit out of Diet Coke

She was even a model


That was weird

My eyes hurt from the chicness


+5 for Taylor Swift


Then there was Cavalli…


…Johnny Rocket (not to be confused with Johnny Rockets)


…Gianfranco Ferré


and Nathalie Rykiel. It even has its own European version, which makes it even chicer and may or may not taste better. 


“That bitch A is stressing me out, I need a Diet Coke” 


“But those pretzels made me so thirsty”


They totally get us.


Even though these look nothing like Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, or Miranda, this is Diet Coke x Sex and the City. And then I got to thinking, are Diet Doke bottles like men? Cue dick joke. 


Second to the classic Chanel, this bag is a staple. 


And lastly, if Karl says it's chic…


…it's fucking chic.


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