Dirty Dancing: Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Havana Nights: Real World Roundup

Clearly some Maryland  stoner betches have been getting shit done because today medicinal marijuana was legalized there. Good thing betches love #131 Being Sick. Read Article Here >>


James Franco might not be the only one with a crush on Ryan Gosling. Ryan Cabrera, who is actually more famous from being Audrina Patridge's boyfriend than any of his music, has a tattoo of Ryan Gosling on his calf because he and a friend pick out tattooes for each other and then they can't look at them until the tattoo is done. We don't know what's weirder. The bromance between Ryan Cabrera and his friend or the fact that Ryan Cabrera actually still exists. Read Article Here >> 

Beyonce and Jay Z can do whatever the fuck what they want, mostly just because they're Beyonce and Jay Z. Their recent Cuban vaycay is under some fire though because it like may not be legal to travel there. Communism is definitely not betchy, but #27 tanning is. Fidel Castro is like, so random. Read Article Here >> 

Instead of getting a Tiffany rattle like any normal betch would for her bestie's new baby, Jwoww decided to set up Snooki's baby boy, Lorenzo, with a college fund. But any spawn of a Jersey Shore Cast member is more likely to need a tattoo fund than something that would lead to actual higher education. Read Article Here >> 


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