Real World Roundup: This Week in Talking Shit…

Get excited betches, a lot of shit talking went down this week.

Nice girl Hilary Clinton has too much time on her hands. Refusing to spend it tanning, she instead opts for finding Hilary Swank's career Amelia Earhardt. Talk about one overachiever searching for another. Office betches stick together. Apparently the thought of a dead pilot gets Hilary more aroused than Bill ever could. Read article


ameliaHilary has a helmet hair fetish.


Karl Lagerfeld hates fat people, loves Diet Coke, and doesn't eat lunch. Betch of the week anyone? Read article

KISS band leader hates Rihanna. Says he's over “fake bullshit.” Man, have you seen your fucking face? You're about as real as the eyelashes that are plastered to my chin the morning after spending the night at a frat house. Read article

Not to overuse an overused phrase but the Situation has gotten himself into a Situation and has gone to rehab. We can't wait for next season of J Shore where Mikey inevitably tries to convince America that Snooki's baby is indeed his after a night of romantic fellatio spent with Snooki between seasons 5 and who gives a fuck. Read article

In an extremely betchy display of events, Gwyneth and former Betch of the Week Kate Moss get into a #28 betch brawl while #118 working out, after Gwyneth starts #1 talking shit about Kate and calling her old as fuck. Kate fires back that Gwyneth is #5 fat and threw some food at her. We have no idea what got Paltrow so angry. Someone's a jealous pasty betch. Read article


kate and gwyenThis is what happens when you don't let Kate bum a cig crack spoon


Malia Obama's spring break is ruined by an earthquake. Fucking weather. Whatevs, at least she already has a great #27 tan. But seriously how far is this shit from Puerto Vallarta? I mean Mexico is Mexico right? All the same shit. Read article

Hugh Grant thinks his bastard half-Asian TAB daughter is just okay. Hugh said about her, and we quote, “I like my daughter very much. Has she changed my life? I'm not sure. Not yet. Not massively, no.” Hahhaa A+ for honesty Hugh, but really? On top of that, he says he's not even going to give her a trust fund? Like how annoying must this bitch be? Your own dad doesn't even think you're the greatest? Read article

In other parenting news, Reese is supposedly knocked up with her third kid. Since her first two look like identical clones of her and Ryan, we wonder if this one will be born scorned by his older siblings. We hope he or she doesn't get Reese's chin. Read article

Since there's clearly been a lot of shit talking going on this week, Katy Perry thought she needed to stir the pot by talking shit about Beyonce and Shakira. Yeah, because she's a regular Whitney Houston, right? No need to turn into a bitter divorcee Katy, chill. Read article

Tim Tebow is a virgin who can't date non-famous women. In this week's news, the newest addition to the Jets is linked to the blonde bitch from Glee. We don't watch it but if he's looking to remain a virgin, hitting up any of those cast members is probably the way to go. In other news, bitter Lea Michelle sticks out her collarbone and opens her legs for an unsuspecting Tebow. Read article


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