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Sexy Ways To Change It Up On Valentine's Day So You Don't Binge Netflix Again

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The time of the year when everyone’s thinking about love, celebrating their relationships, and finding creative ways to get fucked. Sure, the holiday is aimed at romance and showing affection, but let’s get real — it’s also the time to pull out all of your best sex moves. And while I wouldn’t suggest “sex” as the only gift you give your valentine (yes, even if you put a bow on it), a *special* hot and heavy session after you’ve already shown your partner some real appreciation can take your Valentine’s Day celebration from “aww” to “oh wow.” So if the focus of your Valentine’s Day is sex, sex, and more sex, then this one’s for you.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re spending your V-Day with a longterm partner, the love of your life, or the situationship you’ve brainwashed into celebrating the holiday with (congrats, btw this means they’re definitely about to commit). You can try out these sexy Valentine’s Day activities to celebrate the day the way that the lord intended — getting rammed from behind on a bed of rose petals. 

Paint Each Other Naked

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Even if you don’t have the charm of a young Leo, you have to admit: The idea of you and your boo painting each other in the nude is romantic AF. Even if you’re not the best artist (how do you draw boobs on a stick person?), this is a super cute and potentially hilarious activity. And you’re already naked, so you know what’ll happen next. 

Try a New Sex Position

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I know, I know. You can’t go wrong with a little missionary and doggy. But a special day calls for mixing things up. Suggesting a new sex position (or even hotter, physically putting your partner into that position) can take your V-Day sex to the next level. For example, try getting up on a desk or any elevated surface with your back facing your partner. Bend over and give your partner a full view of everything. Whether you use this position for oral or some sort of penetration, I promise the visuals will make it even hotter. 

Do a Boudoir Photoshoot Together

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Sure, you can always just take a nude and text it to your boo, but why not be extra about it? Photoshoots can be extra fun if getting dressed up for sex is a little out of your comfort zone. Whether you want to hire a photographer or just take polaroids of each other, taking sexy photos of each other will not only help you two appreciate just how sexy you are, but it’ll also make you want to pounce on each other ASAP. 

Try Mutual Masturbation


I know, Valentine’s Day sex with a partner should… involve sex with a partner. But hear me out: Laying next to each other and showing your valentine how you want them to touch you is not only super sexy, it’s also great foreplay for the main event. Have fun with it — use some of your favorite sex toys, describe how wet/hard/horny you are, and make them want you bad. 

Pull Out a Card From Your Kink Vault

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Is there some kink you’ve been thinking about nonstop but have been too nervous to try? Well, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pull out the big guns (or flogs). If you’ve been dreaming about a threesome (please proceed with caution!) or have been itching to be tied up, V-Day is the time to make your dreams come true. If not now, then when?

Add “Strip” to Any Board Game

Strip Poker
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Any game can become sexy if you just add “strip” to the title. Yes, even “Go Fish” and “Monopoly.” And if you’re wondering how you’d even play “Strip Go Fish,” every time you have to go fish, you also have to go strip. 

Throw Some Food in the Mix

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If the phrase “barbecue on my titties” stirs something deep inside you, you might want to try incorporating food into your Valentine’s Day sex. Even something as simple as chocolate-covered strawberries or whipped cream can make sex more interactive and fun. Take “eat me out” to a whole new level.

Take a Sex Class

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Even if you swear you’re a true sex connoisseur, as with anything in life, there’s always room for improvement. And sometimes the best way to improve is through a class! Whether you want to learn about tantric sex or how to give a massage, trying a sex-focused class with your partner can be a super sexy way of taking your great sex and making it greater. 

Make a Porno

camera on a bed
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Listen, one thing about me: I will always suggest a sex tape. There’s something about recording you and your partner just going at it and watching it a million times afterward that can turn you on like nothing else. Just make sure you’re doing this with someone you trust explicitly (and beware of the Cloud!).

Choose Sexy Outfits for Each Other

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This one only works in your favor if you and your partner both have a decent fashion sense (and yes, you’ll know if you do). Picking out outfits for each other for either a date or to have sex gives you a chance to see how your partner likes seeing you. I guarantee the outfits won’t stay on for long.

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Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad is a sex & dating writer at Betches despite not remembering the last time she was in a relationship. Just take her word for it.