5 Easy Positions To Switch Up Your Sex Life

Good morning everybody, let’s get this bread your fav sex experimenter (sexperimenter?) is here once again. This time, I will help you spice up your love life in the bedroom. Just call me a user-friendly Kama Sutra with new (and non-intimidating) sex positions to try ASAP. Have you ever wanted to try a new position you saw in a movie (Hollywood film or porn, no judgment) but were wayyy too intimidated? Or do you feel like you do the same three positions again and again? Or are you alone and looking for a slightly erotic read? I got you, ladies. Here is a guide to trying new positions that will not be intimidating, because they’re just a twist on the tried-and-true positions you already enjoy.

1. If You’re A Cowgirl, Flip It And Reverse It

If you find your go-to position is cowgirl, try reverse cowgirl. It’s the same thing, but you’re facing the other direction, if you couldn’t gather by the name. With the slight variation of the position, it’s a whole new experience for both you and your partner. It won’t throw you completely out of your comfort zone, but it will still be new and exciting.

2. Modify Missionary

If you love missionary (or are too lazy to experiment with another position), try a modification by spreading your legs out to the side (think spread eagle style) if you’re feeling bendy or placing a pillow under your butt to elevate your hips for deeper penetration.

3. Doggy Pancake Style

If you’re down for a more animalistic banging session, then you probably love doing it doggy. If you’re looking for a little oomph to add to this position, lie completely flat on your stomach with your partner lying on top of you. It might be a little awkward trying to get into the position, but trust, it’ll be worth it. Make sure his arms are in a push-up position on the bed so he isn’t putting his entire body weight on you.

4. “Flying” Standing Missionary

If you are a gal who loves when you lay down at the edge of the bed and your SO stands in front of you, then the butterfly position is perfect for you. All you do differently is lift your ass. It gives him more control (while touching your butt) and he can thrust deeper. Win-win, right?

5. Spooning In The Afternoon

If you like feeling close to your boyfriend while you bang, then a spin on spooning is perfect for you. Lay perpendicular to your partner (aka one of you is vertical and one of you is horizontal, shouts out to sixth grade math) so your, uh, parts match up. This position allows you to open up your legs (that are draped over your SO’s hips) to allow for deeper thrusts and easier access. You’ll get to look at each other and have easier access to your clitoris. You’re welcome.

Afternoon delight

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Carrie Betchshaw
Carrie Betchshaw
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