Out With Aries And In With Taurus: Weekend Horoscopes April 19-21

Ah, the stars: knowers of my love life, ability to be friend zoned, and inability to let go of emotional baggage. Whether or not you’re into the planets, sun, and moon having say over whether or not you try a weird sex thing or have a weekend trip with your mommy (two really weird examples, but whatever), it can’t hurt to have a very loose, general idea of what the weekend may have in store for you.

Are you destined to tell your f*ck buddy that you’ve caught feelings (the HORROR)? Is it finally time to stand up for your right to party at work (and get fired)? As we move out of Aries and into Taurus, things may take some weird turns for you from Friday into Sunday. Read your weekend horoscopes to find out what the stars have in store for you this weekend.


A full moon in Libra will push you to get close to those around you on Friday, Aries. You may be tempted to take a relationship to the next level, spend some quality time Netflix & chilling with that special someone, or clearing the air with a betch you’ve had a falling out with. Maybe it’s a coworker that you accidentally cc’ed on an email throwing her under the bus, or a BFF you haven’t exactly made time for lately. Either way, by Saturday the sun moves into Taurus, which will have you pushing for the more practical things in life, like revisiting your 401k or doing something responsible with your tax refund that doesn’t involve investing in Manolos. Venus will also move into Aries on the same day, making it a great opportunity to change your image. Maybe it’s time for bangs? A lavender pixie cut? Probs not, but you do you.


It’s time to tie up loose ends, Taurus; as the sun moves into your sign on Saturday, causing a horoscope-y and spiritual rebirth. It’s a great time to walk away from that sh*tty job, sh*tty relationship, or to start over on a project. The moon will also give this bull sign a nudge on Friday and may push you to treat yo’self. It isn’t a bad thing and may help you feel more at peace with other aspects of your day-to-day, but try to curb the Taco Bell and shopping sprees.


The moon is comin’ for ya, Gemini, and it could be the key to finally running into that special someone if you’re flying solo or adding mega sparks to an already comfortable relationship. Grab your planner and head to a restaurant opening where there are sure to be other singles, or drag your SO and plan to eat the night away (nobody wants to dance rn). With the sun moving into Taurus by Saturday, it’ll be prime time over the next few weeks to start seeing a shrink or head to a girls’ night to release some emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around, i.e., your ex you still can’t get over. Consider this your opportunity to start fresh and let go of old sh*t.


Stop being a lil bitch, Cancer, because this weekend is a perfect opportunity for an impromptu weekend trip or event. Make time for your mom ’cause, like, it’s almost Mother’s Day, so get on the up-and-up and let this lady know that she’s the OG. The sun’s makin’ moves into Taurus on Saturday, so you may feel the need to expand your social circle, even if #nonewfriends has been your mantra for awhile now. Branch out; with Venus moving into your sign on the same day, it’ll also be a great chance to get on your boss’s good side.


The moon is in your communication zone, Leo, so it’s a great time to viciously but diplomatically defend a vision for a work project, wedding plan, or future dream home. The time to compromise is not right now; hold to your vision, even if everyone else thinks it’s lame. Once the sun moves into your goal sector on Saturday, you’ll have an insane desire to stand out. It could be a great chance to audition for that modeling gig or apply for that wild new job. Showcase your skills.


Just say no to the splurging, Virgo. A full moon in your shopping sector could make you feel like treating yourself is the critical path right now, and we’re all for a new dress, shoes, or spa treatment. But, if you’re shopping to fill the void left by that Tinder date that stood you up (rude), set a limit for yourself. Chances are, six new maxi dresses just aren’t going to fill the hole left from Trevor who was holding a fish in his profile pic.

Saturday should help with the influx of feelings, though, and with the sun entering your adventure sector and Venus moving into Aries, it could be a great time to boost a new love connection with a weekend getaway.


With Venus as your ruling planet, you’re definitely all about love and relationships this weekend, Libra. Friday is a great day to take it up a notch with a new love interest or partner of several years, since the new moon in your sign is making you feel all sorts of feelings. Things will take a turn for the super sexy and steamy on Saturday, and it’ll be a great time to give in to your sensuality. Try a new twist on sex with your partner, or treat yourself to that toy you’ve been too embarrassed to buy.


Time to think about your happiness, Scorpio. A full moon in your think-tank sector on Friday has you feeling reflective and introspective. It’ll also be a great time to indulge a little, so call and book that massage you’ve been debating for the last few weeks. Saturday and Sunday present great opportunities to get comfy in your social circle, since the sun will be allowing you to look deep and appreciate the betches surrounding you.


In the wise words of Snooki of House Jersey, “Party’s hereeeeeeeeeeeee.” Friday is the perfect night to get your drank on, Sagittarius, and we recommend dancing, shots, and a wild time. Don’t worry about consequences too much, either, because by Saturday, the sun in your lifestyle sector has you ready to tackle #goals. Need to go grocery shopping AND mail a letter? You got this. You’re a successful adult.


You’re in a glass case of emotion between wanting feelings to be out there and wanting to turn inward for some good, old-fashioned home time, Capricorn. Friday’s full moon may introduce to urge to make your feelings known to that bro you’ve been dating—be they good or bad. Embrace family and home this weekend, even if you’re usually the type to spend your weekends out.

Friday through Sunday present a great opportunity to put away that pile of laundry you’ve been ignoring or wipe the sticky wine spill off your coffee table. The sun is in your leisure sector come Saturday, so for the next four weeks you may feel the pull to settle into sweatpants and finally watch Game of Thrones.


Time to try something new, like that restaurant where they blindfold you, or that sex move where he blindfolds you … something with blindfolds. Anyway, the moon is pushing you outside your comfort zone, so getting adventurous when it comes to experiences is a must on Friday.

After all the weirdness, the sun will push you to step back and give yourself some nurturing, probably à la Domino’s and an at-home face mask. It’s the little things, fam.


Feeling emotional? Did that puppy commercial leave you in the fetal position? The stars are to blame, Pisces. If you’ve been debating revealing that you’d rather have a full-blown relationship than a hookup partner to that dude you’ve been seeing, now’s the time.

Will you get friendzoned? Possibly—but the time for risk is right now. Plus, with the sun moving into your communication house this Saturday, chances are you’ll sound more eloquent than you think.

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Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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