Venus Is In Aries & Here’s How It Might Affect Your Love Life

Don’t be afraid to take charge, betch. Luscious Venus, planet of love, beauty, and sparkling rosé, enters audacious Aries on Sunday, April 20. BTW, for those of you wondering, this fiery transit might very well spice things up in the love department. Although, given that irresistible Venus also governs everything related to our values, spending habits, and that which brings us great pleasure, we will likely experience a shift in more than one scenario. Needless to say, the same way we watch the days go by, and the seasons change, these celestial energies will continue pirouetting throughout the zodiac wheel, and in turn reflect onto our everyday lives. No pressure, right? Luckily for us, Venus, the Regina George of the zodiac, prefers to keep things as light and charming as possible. Not sure what I mean? Ask your fellow Taurus and Libra, as they are Venus’ children in the flesh.

Anywho, now that you’ve got the scoop on Venus, let’s talk about Aries’ BDE, considering it’s ruled by rambunctious Mars, planet of aggression and sex. Need I say more? Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and a symbol of assertion, identity, and our sense of self. This cardinal fire sign thrives when challenged, and prefers to take the initiative. On the dark side, Aries can be overly-aggressive, impulsive, and rash; hence those born under the sign of the ram are notorious for being hot-headed, and impatient AF. So… what should we expect once easygoing Venus slides into headstrong Aries? Well, put it this way, betch: If Venus in Pisces is enchanting and complex, then Venus in Aries is anything but mysterious. On the contrary, in Aries, the cosmic coquette is enthusiastic, independent, and highly passionate with her desires, and one-on-one relationships. Aries is on that “me, myself, and I” vibe, and Venus in Aries is big on self love. Meaning, ‘tis the season of self love, individual freedom, and bold fashion. Do you, and fuel your red-hot passions.

Looking for love? Venus in Aries loves the single life, but there’s plenty of room for some impromptu action in between! For those of you coupled, let your carnal desires speak for themselves. In the meantime, here’s what Venus in Aries has in store for your love life, according to your zodiac sign.


Slay, betch. With the cosmic cover girl sizzling through your sign, you’ll be as charismatic as ever. Not that you need it, but this saucy transit will boost your confidence, so you’ll be more than ready to make those money moves. However, aside from twerking it up in your red-hot party dress, you’ll probably be in the mood to shop, too. Luscious Venus is a big spender, so be mindful of over-splurging tendencies during this time. Looking for the one? Your smoldering magnetism will be hard to resist, but something tells me you’ll have more than enough options to choose from.


Own that RBF, betch. The goddess of bubble baths is actually quite bashful when in this area of your chart, so you’ll probably be craving some much-needed alone time. Besides, enough with the unnecessary sacrifices. Instead, why not invest in someone who’s actually worthy of your precious time? It’s called boundaries, betch. Single bulls could kick off a secret rendezvous of sorts, but I wouldn’t doubt it if you decide to keep things incognito for the time being.


Schmooze your little heart out, betch. With sultry Venus frolicking through your humanitarian-like eleventh house of friendships, circles, teams, and tribes, you’ll be dazzling your peers, and networking with like-minded groups. Looking for Mr. Right? Not gonna lie, your prospects might very well get friend-zoned during this transit, as Venus prefers to keep it cool while glamping through this area of your chart. Also, betch: I know how much you love to gossip, but Venus is looking for the exact opposite. Indulge in the company of your ride or dies, and call it a day.


You’re the boss, betch. The goddess of oh la la is sparkling through your tenth house of fame, ambition, and reputation in the world. So much so, that your superiors are even starting to notice! This dazzling transit will awaken your inner boss babe, and perhaps add a little twinkle to your professional life. Ready to socialize with the higher-ups? This is an excellent time to put yourself out there and mingle with your colleagues. Single crabs could find love in the workplace, or perhaps with someone in authority.


Since when did you become such a daredevil, betch? With the goddess of love wandering through your foreign ninth house of education, travel, and philosophy, you’re willingly venturing into unknown territory… and I’m not just referring to your study abroad program. Looking for the one? Single Leos could run into some steamy activity on their next adventure, or perhaps decide to elope with a random hottie. Sounds bizarre, I know, but Venus would much rather take a walk on the wild side when traveling through this area of your chart.


Feeling witchy, Virgo? Sultry Venus is conjuring love spells through your eighth house of sex, transformation, and other people’s money. (I’m not saying she’s a gold digger.) This highly passionate transit is basically giving you permission to be the soul-stealer you pretend not to be. Also, Venus craves depth and intensity when in this area of your chart, so you’ll likely attract a more enigmatic type of suitor. Coupled Virgos could decide to pay off some financial debt, or make a charming investment of sorts.


All you need is love, betch. With the planet of beauty and bubble baths shaking her tail feather through your seventh house of partnerships, you’re as charming as ever. Although, aside from your irresistible charisma, you’re finally learning how to take charge in your on-one-one relationships. After all, Venus is your ruling planet, and she just so happens to rule this area of your chart, too. Also, I know how much you like to compromise, but don’t be afraid to own your autonomy in the process.


Your health comes first, betch. With the planet of love and beauty detoxing through your conscious sixth house of health, routine, and due diligence, you might need to blow off some steam at pilates, too. Feel free to invest in those cosmic yoga pants while you’re at it! Venus wants you to feel and look the part. Looking for that special someone? Single Scorpios could find love where they least expect it, as this area of your chart governs your day-to-day life.


There’s plenty more where that came from, betch. With sultry Venus dancing through your expressive fifth house romance, creativity, and “all eyes on you,” you’re on fire, and you’re well aware of it, too. Not gonna lie, the planet of love morphs into a dazzling showgirl when in this area of your chart, so I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed. Attention is an understatement, so make sure you don’t lead anyone on! Needless to say, romance is 100 percent likely.


What does your gut tell you, betch? I know you’re not big on following your intuition, but with flamboyant Venus baking sugar cookies through your domestic fourth house of home and family, your intuition will most likely be your guide. Home sweet home is right, and our girl Venus loves interior design, so why not make the best of it? Besides, it’s not like you could ever have enough scented candles, and vintage items right? Re-adorn your living space, and call it a transit.


Got a secret, betch? Venus is gossiping through your third house of communication and immediate network, and you’re ready update your peers with the latest. Single and ready to mingle? The planet of sugar, spice, and everything nice is here to sweeten your words, and caramelize your exchanges. This is some sensual seduction, betch. Venus thrives when in this area of your chart, so don’t think twice about double-tapping that.


Big spending these days, betch? Lady Venus is splurging on some audacious red bottoms via your second house of money, pleasure, and self worth. BTW, living the good life is one of Venus’ favorite things, considering she rules this area of your chart, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself during this time. Single? The planet of love is a bit nit-picky when in this area of your chart, so go easy on them. Otherwise, feel free to indulge… you’ll be as sensual as ever.

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Valerie Mesa
Valerie Mesa
Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse.