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Buckle Up, The 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Teaser Is A Ride

On March 13, I’m gonna be sat with a large bowl of popcorn and a healthy-sized glass of wine. After an especially drama-filled season, this cast of ridiculous characters has a lot of explaining to do — to each other and to me. I’m expecting answers. Why did I have to endure so many hours of gaslighting, immaturity, and unnecessary arguments? If I’m being honest, my system really can’t take this “experiment” too many more times. We all know that love is literally only blind for Amy and Johnny (and Lauren and Cameron). They’re the exceptions, not the rule.

If you thought the almost-marriages were intense, just wait for this messy-ass reunion. You got girlies at each other’s throats, guys attempting to explain their massive mistakes, and people responding to disastrous accusations. Just to spice things up even more, there are surprise guests involved! Here are all the most jarring moments from the season 6 Love Is Blind reunion teaser. Prepare yourself.

Clay Expresses Regrets About Breaking Up With AD

Clay and AD Love Is Blind Reunion
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I can’t do this anymore, Clay, and I’m not even AD. You literally had my girl get in her wedding dress and walk down the aisle… just to embarrass her in front of a large group of friends and family. (And obvi a whole camera crew, too.) Apparently, he’s seeing the error in his ways now. “She’s honestly the love of my life, and I did make a mistake,” Clay admits in the reunion. AD takes a deep breath and wipes away tears.

Sarah Ann And Laura Hurl Insults At Each Other

Laura Love Is Blind Reunion
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These girlies have never been the best of friends, and, well… they’re continuing to give very hostile vibes in this trailer. With Sarah Ann’s hand resting comfortably on Jeramey’s lap, it definitely seems like they’re a couple. Oof. Sarah Ann yells at Laura (who’s there via Zoom), “I’m a pick-me girl? You’re the pick-me girl!” Naturally, Laura was prepared with a lethal comeback. “You’re a clown,” she replied, coolly. The crowd gasped. I laughed.

Trevor Responds To Allegations That He Wasn’t Single When He Entered The Pods

Trevor Love Is Blind Reunion
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Trevor, Trevor, Trevor. After all that begging for Chelsea, you weren’t even available? I just… love men, don’t you? “Unbeknownst to her, you have someone on the outside,” Nick says to him in the preview. “I’d like to hear what you have to say.” But in fact, Trevor doesn’t seem like he wants to say much. “Um,” he responds, smiling nervously and hesitating. Oh, I can’t wait to see his explanation for that one.

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