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Sorry, I Can't Talk RN, Busy Thinking About The Jimmy Drama On 'LIB'

No one can convince me that Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell are meant to be. My man took way too long to choose between Chelsea and Jessica Vestal in the pods, and then he was obviously pretty disappointed by Chelsea’s looks. I mean, we’ve all been drowning in the “She doesn’t look like Megan Fox, and he’s mad about it” discourse recently. (For the record, I do see the resemblance a little bit.) Not to mention, their latest fight was really brutal. She doesn’t believe that he loves her, and him throwing in the word “clingy” did not exactly help the situation.

These two are seriously walking on eggshells around each other, and I just have an overall bad feeling about, um, Chelmmy. The next episodes of this season don’t air on Netflix until February 28, but the sneak peek sure seems to imply that Jimmy meeting Jess in person makes things even more complicated between him and Chelsea. So, did Jimmy actually cheat on Chelsea with Jess? Here’s the full breakdown of what happened in this love triangle.

How Did Jimmy Presnell And Jessica Vestal Break Up?

Jessica Vestal on Love Is Blind
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Jess was not happy after she heard that Jimmy was choosing Chelsea. “You ruined this opportunity for me,” she told him during their last convo in the pods. “I deserved so much more than what you’ve given me.” The influencer left him with the line of all lines: “When you see and realize what you missed out on, you are going to choke. You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways because you are going to be in disbelief of what you missed out on.” Yeah, she ate with that.

How Did Jimmy Presnell React To Seeing Jessica Vestal For The First Time?

In the episodes that have aired so far, Jimmy has seen a photo of Jess, but we haven’t even seen him and Jess meet each other in person yet. The trailer at the end of episode 9 seems to hint that they have a strong connection when they do get to chat IRL. “Jess is very good-looking,” Jimmy says to the camera. “I am attracted to her.” He also has a conversation with her where he says, “I care about you a lot. And in reality, you are my No. 1 still.” Uh oh.

But Jimmy isn’t the only one who has an *interesting* reaction to seeing their ex from the pods. Trevor Sova also seems to have caught Chelsea’s eye. She admits in the preview, “Trevor is normally what I go for.” The flight attendant also tells Mullet Man that she and Jimmy have “talked about what life would look like if we picked other people.”

Did Jimmy Presnell Cheat On Chelsea Blackwell With Jessica Vestal?

Jimmy Presnell on Love Is Blind
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There’s valid reason to have this concern. In the trailer for the upcoming episodes, Chelsea is in tears as she yells at Jimmy, “You fucked her! And I know you fucked her!” There’s a shot of him angstily rubbing his face while looking in the mirror. As far as we know though, Jimmy did not cheat on Chelsea with Jess. Despite the drama, all three contestants currently follow each other on Instagram, so hopefully there’s not too, too much bad blood here in general?

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