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Who's The Biggest 'Love Is Blind' Villain? And Why Is It Every Man On This Show

After an excruciatingly awful season 5 of Love Is Blind, season 6 of the show came out swinging. I’m talking about love triangles, Daddy issues, Megan Fox doppelgangers, and so much more. To say the very least, we are so back, baby. And with a new season of drama and attempts (kinda) at love comes a new gaggle of truly awful contestants that have us wondering what type of criteria the LIB producers use for their psychological evaluations. Seriously, you guys might want to revisit that. 

And while the women on this season aren’t exactly the best (Laura gives me the ick and Chelsea… well, that’s another think piece on its own), it’s the men of Love Is Blind season 6 that have me gasping in disbelief and booking it to Twitter for the memes

These men aren’t just emotionally stunted and obnoxious AF (which they are); they’re also menaces to society. After the latest episodes dropped on Feb. 21, it’s safe to say that all of the men on this season of LIB are villains in their own right. But who’s the biggest villain of them all?

Here’s a villain ranking of every man on LIB season 6. And if you think I’m wrong, argue with yourself. 

7. Trevor

trevor love is blind
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Alright, Trevor is not a villain in any regard, but how could we talk about the men of this season without mentioning our fave? Trevor is an angel baby who was wronged, and the only villainous thing about him is how he’s no longer on our screens. Fingers crossed for the comeback next week!

6. Johnny

johnny love is blind
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Johnny really surprised me at the end of these last few episodes. While he and Amy were the only couple I thought had a solid relationship, he quickly proved me wrong in a matter of a few hours (as men often do). That whole conversation about birth control? Huh? Johnny telling Amy that all of his partners in the past were on birth control (congrats?) as a means of trying to convince her to get on birth control was totally creepy and kinda pushy. Listen, I totally get being nervous about getting pregnant. But there are other scientifically proven, effective contraceptive methods. And while he said he would be open to a vasectomy, his speech about not forcing birth control on Amy seemed more like something he said to just cover his ass and not because he meant it. While he’s low on the ranking, he’s still a villain to me.

5. Clay

clay love is blind
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Okay, I know what you’re thinking: Clay deserves to be way higher in the ranking. But remember, this is a villain ranking. And Clay is not so much a villain as he is just a walking red flag. While he doesn’t do anything to AD, constantly telling her he’s afraid he’s going to cheat on her (excuse me, what?) is not a great sign for the future of their relationship. And while Clay is just really annoying (he barely lets AD speak!), he’s not so much a villain as he is just not a great dude.

4. Matthew

matthew love is blind
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Matthew isn’t coupled up in season 6 (shocker), but he’s made such a lasting impression in his little screen time that he made it to the list. Now that’s a villain. Aside from his very serial-killer-esque method of having women answer very specific questions from a numbered list while not answering them, too, he’s just kinda a dick. It’s very obvious that he mostly cares about how he’s going to be perceived by the public (spoiler alert: it’s not well) and also seems to be leading two women on with the same exact conversations. He’s tried to defend himself on social media, which is fair, but a lot of his awful moments were all him — not the editing.

3. Jimmy

jimmy love is blind
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Ah, Jimmy. Men like Jimmy prove time and time again that if you’re a mid (and mid is being generous) white man, women will flock to you. While Jimmy obviously regretting his decision to choose Chelsea over Jessica makes him a strong contender for “LIB villain,” it’s his interactions with Chelsea that really secure his place high on this list. Not only does he keep a running tally of when and where he kissed her (real odd, dude), but telling your partner that you wish they didn’t want to have sex with you as much is pretty much evil. Especially because he said he didn’t mean it the next day, showing that he said that to intentionally hurt her feelings. But I have a feeling Jimmy’s villain ranking will go up next week once we see how he interacts with Jess.

2. Kenneth

kenneth love is blind
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I might get some slack for ranking Kenneth so high on the villain-o-meter, but hear me out. As soon as Ken got back from the Dominican Republic, he was glued to his phone and did not give a single fuck about being respectful to Brittany. And while that may seem like a minor infraction, just take another look at their breakup scene. Brittany was trying to express (through tears, btw!) that she felt uncared for and as if their passion before was gone. And instead of taking responsibility and trying to come to a resolution that works for them as a couple, Ken burst out into his bullshit fake-therapy speech and turned it around on Brittany… and then broke up with her! He did not give it a second thought or give her the respect to try and work it out. He just kept his stupid nose in his stupid phone and asked his stupid friend to come pick him up. Villain! P.S. waking someone up out of their sleep to say “hi” isn’t being affectionate, it’s being fucking annoying.

1. Jeramey

jeramey love is blind
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I didn’t pay much attention to Jeramey for most of the show. He’s monotonous and honestly not that interesting. I definitely perked up a bit after the very weird “bean dip” interaction with AD, but I thought that was more of a blunder on Laura’s part than his. But as soon as he said he’d be interested in meeting Sarah Ann, I knew he was on his way to “villainhood.” And after these past few episodes, it’s obvious he’s the king. Watching Jeramey lie to his fiancé about his whereabouts and then sit there with a smug look on his face when he was caught made me want to throw a golden chalice at the TV. I don’t know if I’m projecting, but I don’t care. Someone who’s at their ex’s house until five in the morning and then lies to their fiancé about it? That’s as villainous as it gets. Oh, and btw, I hate the way he spells his name.

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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