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Kristen Doute's New BF Actually Seems Pretty Chill

After eight riveting seasons of history book-worthy fuckery on Vanderpump Rules, we’ve seen Kristen Doute kiss quite a few frogs. It all began in season one with her honorable service as the first SURver to survive Sandoval. Oh if we had known then what we know now. (I mean she still slept with her best friend’s boyfriend while Drive played in the background, but, still, Sandoval.) After recovering from the backhand heard ‘round the world, Kristen dove head first into her unforgettable whirlwind romance with the bitchiest Kennedy, Graham’s father, James, which tragically ended with one too many screaming matches in the SUR parking lot and spit on her apartment door. It was a love story that only lasted twenty-two episodes, but one that will remain etched into our brains as a core memory, nonetheless.

There’s not enough internet to get into the… how do I say this respectfully… swamp monsters to follow, but suffice it to say the last few years, on camera and off, have left Kristen on the wrong side of a handful of brutal break-ups. Alas, it seems the tides have finally changed! Kristen has a new man (or rebound, depending on who you ask) and he’s the talk of The Valley. Here’s everything we know about Luke Broderick, Doute’s future (hopefully rich) baby daddy.

1. Kristen met Luke at a wedding

It was love at first sight thanks to VPR supporting character Rachel O’Brien’s wedding, where Kristen was a bridesmaid and Luke was a groomsman. Just two weeks after her toxic uncoupling with her ex Alex, Luke and Kristen walked down the aisle and later sealed the deal behind a tent. Can’t fault her for getting ROI on a bridesmaid’s dress.

2. 99% of Luke’s life is in Colorado


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As Luke explained during a riveting game of virtual golf (someone pls explain men to me once and for all), he’s crashing with Kristen in Los Angeles for the time being. But Luke’s home base is still The Rocky Mountain State. This life appears to include chopping wood, fishing, and wearing flannel. Fun!

3. They co-host Kristen’s podcast Sex, Love and What Else Matters

We love a man who’s gainfully employed. We don’t necessarily love when that employment comes from his girlfriend, but still. Luke has been with the pod from the very beginning, even though in early episodes the pair claimed to be purely co-workers. Who doesn’t love an office romance role-play?

4. Luke was at Scheana’s Wedding

Not her wedding to Shay, don’t be silly. Luke was Doute’s date for SheShu’s nuptials in Mexico to Summer Moon’s dad AKA Brock. This means there’s at least a 50% chance he saw Rachel make out with Schwartz in the pool, and for that, he is entitled to compensation. With all the wedding festivities and baby fever surrounding the couple it makes sense they’re eager to join the club —  whether Jax likes it or not. 

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