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Is Everything OK With Scheana And Brock?!

Even though season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is pretty much all about Scandoval still, it’s somehow also The Scheana Show. Between all her scenes processing her former (?) friendship with Sandoval and her arguments with Brock, the “Good As Gold” singer is crying her way to being the main character. Although I don’t enjoy how she’s treating Ariana right now, I’m also concerned for her regarding the Brock situation. We only have so many stable Bravo couples to root for, and I honestly thought the Dancing With the Stars hopeful and the New Zealand native were solid.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. They’re having Sandoval-related issues, nanny disagreements, and ominous trailer moments. These people had two weddings — one in Mexico and one in secret — so I sincerely hope everything is actually all good. Plus, their adorable daughter, Summer, is an icon, and I just want her to have a perfect reality star life. After panicking about this for a second and doing some research to calm my nerves, here’s what I’ve discovered about Scheana and Brock’s current relationship status.

Scheana And Brock Have Been Arguing About A Nanny

In the fifth episode of season 11, things got pretty tense between the couple when they disagreed about needing a nanny for Summer. (Something tells me that Sandoval won’t be hired since he blocked the toddler… and did some other things.) Scheana didn’t feel comfortable bringing in non-family to help, but Brock really thought it was time. “I knew how important it was to him,” she said on the Vanderpump Rules After Show. “I knew he really wanted to bring outside help to let my mom be the grandma, and not the grandma, the nanny, and this and that. She wears a lot of hats.” Fortunately, it seems like they came to a mature resolution. So adult of them!

They Have Serious Issues In The Midseason Trailer

Now, this stressed me out. In the midseason trailer, Scheana says to Brock: “I don’t think you and I are gonna be together forever,” and he is literally crying. Excuse me?? Is there a divorce happening here? In a different part of the preview, Scheana yells at Sandoval about how his cheating on Ariana messed up her life. (This is becoming a very annoying theme. Scheana, Ariana is the wronged one in the Scandoval scenario.) “I now have fucked up thoughts about Brock and Lala, one of my best friends,” she cries. “Because I’m like, ‘Oh my god, could someone do that to me?’ You did that!” Oy.

Did Scheana And Brock Break Up?


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Despite these pretty major issues, it definitely seems like Scheana and Brock are still together. Based on her Instagram, they recently enjoyed a family trip to The Netherlands. They posed for multiple cute couple selfies and looked relaxed and smiley. Thank goodness! Sooo, my hypothesis is that Scheana was just really determined to be the star of season 11 and made sure her storyline had lots of drama.

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