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Everything We Know About James And Raquel’s Dog Graham

Yes, Scandoval traumatized us and sent us back to therapy, but hot take: It also transformed a lot of lives for the better. Just look at Queen Ariana Madix, who’s starring as Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical, Chicago, right now. Not to mention, Lala Kent sold so much “send it to Darrell” merch that she was able to put a down payment on a $1.35 million home. And James Kennedy also low-key benefitted from the disastrous affair. Remember Graham, his and Raquel’s Goldendoodle? James and Graham were separated, and now they’re not.

Although it seems like literally a trillion years ago that James and Raquel were an item, their romance is indeed a part of Vanderpump Rules history. They didn’t have children together (thank goodness), but they did adopt a gorgeous puppy. The poor pup has not grown up in the most stable of environments… he’s had several different guardian situations now. What happened to Graham, Raquel and James’ dog and where is he now, you ask? Here’s the full breakdown of the Goldendoodle’s journey with the reality stars. 

Graham entered James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss’ Life in 2018


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Back in 2018 when James and Raquel were in love, they adopted Graham, whose full name is Graham Cracker. For a while, Graham was raised in a two-parent home — James and Raquel got engaged in May 2021. Of course, things did not ultimately work out between the Vanderpump Rules stars. They announced their breakup at the end of the year, and Raquel later attributed it to a “cumulation of things,” including James not getting along with her family. 

James Kennedy Left Graham “In The Past” After His Split From Raquel Leviss

According to People, Graham went to live with Raquel’s parents after the breakup. James left his dog along with the relationship. When he appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in April 2023, he revealed, “I’ve left Graham in the past now.” He added, “Beautiful times, but he’s gone, and that’s just what it is.” Not the most devoted father, I dare say.

James Kennedy And Graham Reunite Post Scandoval


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Evidently, Raquel’s tough time worked out for James, and he did not leave Graham in the past. (How could you??) In a July 2023 Instagram post, the DJ shared a photo of him kissing the Goldendoodle and another photo of himself and girlfriend Ally Lewber embracing the sweet pup. “Look who made his way back home, back into my life,” James wrote in his caption. “I’ll take care of you forever and I love you.” Yeahh, I’m gonna need that promise in writing after the recent abandonment.

Once Graham was back with James, he decided to change the dog’s name to Hippie. James posted a photo of the pup on IG story with the following:  “Hippie! ❤️ We’ve decided to rename this little beauty ‘hippie’ this is a tribute to my late godfather, George Michael’s dogs name… the only dog I saw around the house growing up.”


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