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Does Gerry Pick Theresa Or Leslie On 'The Golden Bachelor'?

Okay, who does Gerry Turner pick already?! The Golden Bachelor has been going on for two months, and as Gerry can attest, we’re not getting any younger. The newest installment from Bachelor Nation has warmed my cold, dead heart, and it’s the best thing to happen to the franchise since Nick Viall left. The fact that I started crying when Gerry and his contestants had a dance party was a good sign that I should up my therapy sessions to twice weekly. 

There is something so lovable about Gerry that I broke my neck turning away from his red flags. He told his final three (!!!) women — Leslie Fhima, Theresa Nist, and Faith Martin — that he was in love with them. Not like when your six-month-long situationship says they “love everything about you” in order to buy four more months of non-commitment, but Gerry said he was IN LOVE with all. of. them. When Faith felt (rightfully) blindsided by their breakup at the next rose ceremony, I was sitting at home like, “Listen to your heart, Ger!” 

The Golden Bachelor himself even said red flags might not be “a problem at all,” which I can get behind this type of delulu. 

That being said, his active listening skills and commitment to his late wife will always have me rooting for my favorite Indiana guy (not a lot of competition, TBH). Keep reading for Golden Bachelor finale spoilers! (Well, at least everything we know so far.) 

Does Gerry Pick Theresa or Leslie on The Golden Bachelor Finale? Who Is His Winner? 

Gerry’s final rose recipient isn’t known yet, but one clue points to Leslie (thanks, internet girlies). I’m not saying it’s solid evidence, but it’s … something.

Leslie posted a TikTok dancing with her granddaughter on September 25, and there was a faint giggle in the background — literally almost undetectable to human ears — but fans are convinced it’s Gerry. The mystery phantom voice also said “woo,” which to be fair, is a very Gerry thing to do. That’s it. That’s the clue. 

He definitely doesn’t leave the season single because (like any good grandpa) he gave his local newspaper the scoop, saying, “I picked the greatest woman in the world.” Cute!

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Does Gerry Get Engaged?

Although the season didn’t seem to start with the possibility of an engagement, Gerry asked his final two contestants — or “his girls” as he calls them — if they would be open to being married again. Honestly, Neil Lane never misses a chance to smile eerily big at the camera with dead eyes, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he appears before the finale. 

While he didn’t say if he was engaged, he was a little *gasp* noncommittal about getting married. 

“There’s a lot of possibilities out there. And we have many roads to travel before we get to that,” he told IndyStar. “But I’m open to all possibilities today as I was open to all possibilities at the very beginning of this journey.”

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Are Gerry and Leslie Together?

It hasn’t been revealed if Gerry and Leslie stay together at the end of the show, but I like their odds! Leslie is located in Minnesota, while Gerry lives in Indiana, which geographically isn’t too difficult to navigate. Gerry even called her “The One.” Sorry, Theresa!

Are Gerry and Theresa Together?

Time will tell what happens between Gerry and Theresa, but she seems ready to literally sacrifice anything for him. Some fans actually thought Gerry’s connection with Theresa seemed stronger after overnight dates than it did with Leslie. However, Theresa lives in New Jersey, and she’s very rooted there. It’s a bit further from Indiana than Minnesota, but long distance is long distance at the end of the day.

Good luck, Gerry! He said he’ll be watching the finale with his neighbors who got his mail while he was filming, and I’m crying again. 

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