Our Zaddy Wish List For ABC's "The Golden Bachelor"

“Hi, my name is Kyle. I’m 24 years old, and I’m ready to find my wife.” 

If you’re even a fringe observer of Bachelor Nation, you’re familiar with some version of that oxymoronic statement. Our friends at The Bachelor HQ have a penchant for casting men in their early twenties as the lead of their flagship show, insisting to the audience that they’re mentally prepared and emotionally mature enough to handle a lifetime of commitment to Jessica M., a “business owner” who they’ve known for three weeks. 

While fans have begged for a change of pace when it comes to casting leads (do we really need another white sales dude from Boulder?), they’ve been largely ignored. Until now.

This fall, the network will launch a long-awaited spinoff series, The Golden Bachelor, featuring an elderly man looking to lock down a lover while he can still get it up. 

No official word on casting has been shared, as well as no specifics surrounding what the word “senior” even means. Knowing that a 35-year-old is basically considered geriatric on a typical Bachelor season, are we talking like Pedro Pascal-level zaddy or more Warren Buffett vibes? 

To help them navigate these unfamiliar waters, we put together our own zaddy wish list for consideration. Unfortunately, ABC gave me a stern warning to never contact them again. 

Grandpa John, Gabby Windey’s Grandfather


There’s a lot of pressure for The Golden Bachelor to be a hit, so why not keep things in the family? Grandpa John, the grandfather of season 19 Bachelorette Gabby Windey, has already made multiple appearances in the franchise, getting better reviews in his two minutes of screen time than Clayton could muster all season. 

With 50+ years of prior marriage experience, endless charm, and a passion for napping, all of us dingbats at home could feel confident that Grandpa John was there for the right reasons.  

Matthew Perry, Famous Friend

matthew perry bachelor

He’ll be there for you! Or will he? 

After a tumultuous road, Matthew Perry appears to be on his comeback tour, releasing his tell-all memoir last fall. He’s on his own journey of self-improvement, so just being in his presence will motivate you to be the best version of yourself. Especially when that means crushing Dolores and Arthur at doubles pickleball. 

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Tim Cook Opens First Apple Store in India in Pivot Beyond China

Let’s face it, ABC has only cast a gay bachelor once before, and it was by total accident. That said, Tim Cook is one of the most eligible zaddies on the market and who wouldn’t watch the fuck out of this?  

It’s Millionaire Matchmaker meets The Bachelor and sure, scheduling might be a tiny concern when you’re running a top Fortune 500 company, but who cares if the NASDAQ topples if it’s all in the name of love? 

Mario Singer, Star of Real Housewives of New York 

Viva Pinot Ramona, Star Of The Real Housewives of New York, at Mount Airy Casino Resort

Mario and Ramona were essentially the homecoming king and queen of RHONY, but someone spiked the punch bowl and Mario got handsy with the head cheerleader. 

If you don’t subscribe to the “once a cheater, always a cheater” mentality, Mario could be the guy for you, or at least provide a sick Hamptons house for you to live out your remaining years in quiet luxury. 

Antonio Banderas, Spy Kids Actor

Antonio Banderas Attends "El Fantasma De La Opera" Madrid

Imagine waking up to the sultry tones of Puss in Boots bringing you your cream of wheat in bed. Dancing the foxtrot with El Mariachi. An erotic sword fight with Zorro that ends with a broken hip. (Interpret that how you like!) 

Antonio Banderas has played a slew of certified lover boys over the years, but his real life romances have failed to stay the course. As the Golden Bachelor, this could be Anty B’s last chance to meet his leading lady before his love life fades to black. 

Randy Jackson, OG American Idol Judge

The Kelly Clarkson Show - Season 4

You know he would be able to hook you up with a wedding band that rivaled Sofia Richie’s. And since he probably picked up a few moves as the EP of America’s Best Dance Crew, you won’t be tempted to strangle him during the choreo lessons for your first dance. 

Sir Karl Jenkins, the Meghan Markle Lookalike

Sir Karl Jenkins And Lady Carol Barratt - Portrait Session

Earlier this month, the internet lit up with a tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory that an older gentleman attending King Charles’ coronation was none other than Meghan Markle in an elaborate disguise. The man in question turned out to be a 79-year-old Welsh composer by the name of Sir Karl Jenkins. 

For girls who grew up daydreaming about getting swept off their feet by British royalty, if it hasn’t happened by age 65, it probably never will. But fear not, because Sir Karl could be the next best thing! He has a fancy accent, a baller mustache, is active on TikTok, and can definitely spin you a tune that’s much snappier than Jed’s dog food jingle

Statler and Waldorf, “The Muppets” Elders

"The Muppets" - Season One

ABC set a dangerous precedent with Rachel and Gabby’s co-led season of The Bachelorette, so another best friend duo is totally fair game. 

Statler and Waldorf are canonically cantankerous, making them a great match for a couple of Karens who’ve aged into their sunset years. And guess what: They’ve already planned their first double date! It’s aggressively heckling students at a college improv show.

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Emma Sharpe
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