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“IS HE RICH?” Grandmas Share Their First Impression Of The Golden Bachelor

With a promo video that has lines like, “he posts thirst traps in a leather-bound album” and “Florida wants to retire and move to him,” The Golden Bachelor has the attention of grandmothers nationwide. ABC announced 71-year-old Gerry (pronounced Gary) Turner as the show’s leading man. Gerry is described as a retired restaurateur and doting father and grandfather who lives in his dream house on a beautiful lake in Indiana. Plus, he’s got a full head of hair. 

GERRY TURNER the golden bachelor
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From Boca to Scottsdale, Gerry has the grammys, nonnas, bubbes, and abuelas feeling parched. To prove it, we asked 14 grandma for their first impressions of the first-ever Golden Bachelor.

Grandmas Share Their First Impression Of The Golden Bachelor

👵 “He’s kind of handsome for an older guy. but he’s kind of old to be a Bachelor. Wait, HE’S THE BACHELOR? HE’S 71???? He looks good for 71! I thought he was 50s. WOW! Your age group probably thinks he looks 90. WOW! Show your grandpa. Look at this guy, he’s 71. It’s not just that he’s handsome, he’s trim, he’s fashionable, he’s got a nice smile. He’s got the whole thing going.” — June, 66 

👵”He’s very handsome. I hope they don’t have a bunch of young girls for him.  Ladies around his age who are looking for love. Is he rich? ” — Laurie, 67

👵“What makes him golden? Oh, he’s 71? Boy, he’s cute. Find out who does his plastic work and his hair transplants.” — Sally, 80 

👵“He is very attractive and doesn’t look at all like 71! I would definitely date him! Let the record show, I had the idea for an older Bachelor years ago so I’m a bit jealous I wasn’t picked to go on the show. At first glance at his picture he reminded me of Ted Danson, and I get the sense that he would be sweet, easygoing, and smart.” — Karen, 66

👵”OH! He’s nice looking and clean cut. I like a clean face without hair. He’s very handsome and I will definitely watch. I would go out with him but need to see his teeth.” — Minnie, 91

👵“Not my type AT ALL but he’s handsome.” — Amy, 65

👵“Very handsome. Looks rich and well-dressed. Maybe for a first date he would give a flower but it looks like a fake one. 71? Wow, looking good. Now I have to go swimming.” — Meredith, 75 

👵“Handsome but not my type. Kind of looks like my dad…” — Suree, 67 

👵“I think he’s very handsome. He looks very good for his age. He’s probably had some work done!” — Ellen, 66

👵“I am impressed. I think he looks good! Very encouraging. I too will find love…” — Mary, 67 

👵 “I like the way he’s 70 and looks so good. why, you going after him??” — Thelma, 75

👵 “Oh, he’s 71? Wow he looks good. He’s clean cut but I think he’s had a little eye work. Wow, he must have married a rich woman that took care of him all these years. It’s a little late to be looking for love, don’t you think? He looks good, not my type but he looks good.” — Toni, 63

👵“He looks just like a Ken doll. Oh wow, he’s very well-preserved! He clearly likes to tan and looks good for his age. He’s very good looking. So will the girls be 20-30 years younger???” — Carol, 68

👵“He’s nice lookin’ but too young for me.” — Sissy, 87 

👵“Does he want to be my 4th husband?” — Beatrice, 89 

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Steph Perlman
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