Real World Roundup: Tierra Somehow Gets Engaged Before Sean

The double amputee Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius has been accused of murdering his girlfriend. Though his gf hinted that she was coming to surprise visit him and he claims he thought she was an intruder, other people think maybe not. Sad shit. It's scary to think that a girl can get beat up or murdered even if her boyfriend has no legs. Happy Valentine's Day O dog. Read article>>

Steve Madden is #80 bitching to the New York Times about how he gets no respect from the fashion world. He says he and celebs like Kim Kardashian just aren't recognized by the fashion community. Stop weeping Stevie, you provide the povo girls with the knock offs they know and love. You're making bank, let's not pretend you're Coco Chanel. Read article>>

Looks like crazy cakes Tierra was right when she said “If I want to get engaged I'll get engaged” because that's exactly what she fucking did after Sean dumped her. The article says she reunited with her ex boyfriend right after St. Croix and he proposed two months later. Since we're ruling out her dead ex-junkie bf, I guess this is a new sociopath. Can't wait to see their demon child destroy America. Read article>>

Connor Kennedy was arrested outside the White House in a protest for action against climate change. Like a true betch, Connie loves the #47 environment and will do anything he can to protect it. This reminds me of Ja'mie King's hunger strike to bring back the Year 11 formal. But really, if Connor and his dad RFK Jr. really want to do something, why don't they just throw a charity event. There'd be way more drinking involved then tying yourself to the White House gate. Read article>>



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