Real World Roundup: No More Blackout Wednesday for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is knocked up! Yay! It's sure to be the royal event of the season. We can't wait to see if this little fucker is a boy or a girl. What will they name it? Diana? William II? Todd? Finally the most anticipated baby celeb since Blue Ivy Carter. Kate was hospitalized for 'acute morning sickness' which last I heard just involved throwing up and feeling like shit. I've had something similar to acute morning sickness as well but I call it a fucking hangover. Read article>>

Taylor Swift has moved on with another pseudo celeb. Shocker! Harry Styles of One Direction and Tay Tay were seen potentially canoodling in New York City. I think at this point it's safe to say she's the Limbo Bitch as I don't think she's gone an entire month without being spotted with some Hollywood rising megastar or like a Kennedy bro. Read article>>

J.P and Ashley are married. They're only the second Bachelor couple to get married after Trista and Ryan and that was like 700 million years ago. Honestly I think probably sports a better relationship survival rate. Ashley is quoted as saying “Today is all about our friends and family…It's about standing with J.P., looking around at all the people we love in the same room there to celebrate our love.” Um news flash Ashley: when your wedding is officiated by Chris B. Harrison and aired on national television for money it's no longer about you, your friends and family, and J.P.'s people-we-love delusional goggles. That being said, we can't fucking wait to watch this shit when it airs. Read article>>



Kim Kardashian's visit to Bahrain led to some tear gas being sprayed at protestors. Kim was in Bahrain promoting her milkshake line. Where is Bahrain? Somewhere in the middle east. Why are they protesting? I assume they don't like milkshakes. Or the letter K. What's Kim going to do about the fact that people are protesting and got tear gassed and don't want her milkshakes? Absolutely fucking nothing. I assume she gives 0 shits. Maybe they would be less upset if she headed to Kazakhstan because apparently the promotion of the letter K is the most hotly debated topic in the middle east since the birth of Mohammad. Read article>>


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