Real World Roundup: Kim Kardashian’s Cat That I Didn’t Know Existed is Dead

A family friend of the royal family (Side note: The royal fam has family friends? Like where do they meet them? PTA meetings?) who clearly doesn't know shit about shit thinks Prince Harry will be a wonderful uncle based on total speculation and the fact that some flower girls were stepping on his feet during his brother's wedding, because Prince Harry is so great with children they hoped to one day marry him and be a princess. One thing's for sure, the royal fetus and Harry will share a love of chilling in their birthday suits. Read article>>

A restaurant called Chilly D's (enough said) in California is in hot shit after labeling some fat girls at a table as “fat girls” on the receipt. I mean, clearly this is fucked up but come on girls, you're a restrurant called Chilly D's and your receipt says you ordered two fucking regular Cokes and a regular Sprite. You guys are clearly in denial about the state of your bodies. Let's call a spade a spade. No one here was telling you anything you didn't already know. Now while clearly offensive, the label did identify the girls as what they were. Since when is being descriptive a crime? But really, still sort of fucked up. Read article>>

Kim Kardashian apparently had a cat named Mercy for like 5 minutes and now it's dead. Above you can read her eulogy (Ha! I bet you thought I knew what a eugoogaly was!) for her cat which she had and then gave away to Khloe's secretary and then it died of some stomach issues. A sad day for celebrity cats and nicegirls everywhere. Dogs rule. Read article>>

Beyonce joins the long line of celebrities who are paid a fucking insane amount of money to be the spokespeople and ambassadors to Pepsi. From Britney Spears to the Jackson family to Nicki Minaj, Pepsi will pay anything to get people to at least consider buying their shit over Coke. You know what celebrities are Coca Cola ambassadors? I can't find any. You know why? Because Coke is better than Pepsi. Or rather, Diet Coke is better than Diet Pepsi. So, sorry Pepsi, but giving Beyonce 50 million dollars to pretend she drinks your non-Diet-Coke is not going to change the fact that you're the ugly sorority of soft drinks. Read article>>



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