Real World Roundup: John Travolta and Olivia Newton John Might be on Crack

So it appears the mid 1960s were the betchiest time in America. Mattel released, along with its 1965 Barbie Sleepover pack, an advice book for dieting which only included one step: Don't eat. Simple yet effective, betches, Barbie knows what's up. The package also included a scale permanently set to 110 pounds. Looks like the hypothetical-real-life-Barbie, who would've been 5'9, could've definitely walked the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. Barbie for Betch of the Week? Sure her real name is Barbara and she's dating Ken, the epitome of a Maybe Gay Bro, but her unrealistic proportion sizes provide inspiration to millions of betches in training around the globe! Read article>>

So some girl decided to go into a photo booth with her date at her Vanderbilt winter formal and then proceeded to have the cameras clicking away while she gave him head and he presumably had sex with her. This is why you should never be the drunkest girl at formal: so your dad doesn't have to wake up one morning to this shit in his inbox. Although it looks like this guy has a huge dick, you can't expect to take sexual pictures with a frat bro and not expect that to be on his list serve the next morning. Read article>>

I don't know what the fuck John Travola and Olivia Newton John were thinking when they made this weird, fucking scary video of them singing a song by the same guy who wrote “You're the one that I want.” Not only are John and Olivia way fatter than they were in Grease, but this is not doing anything to help JT's reputation that he's gay. This shit was just painful, like I couldn't get to the end, I was too blinded by John's receding hairline and pitying ONJ's invisible career. And who the fuck were the other people in this video? I can't believe this is real. Read article>>

So it turns out Charles Schulz, famed author of the Peanuts comic strip about a nice guy and his little dog, was kind of a shady asshole bro. When he was married at 48, Charlie sent flirtatious drawings of snoopy to a 25 year old girl he met while she pretended to be a photographer who wanted to speak with him. Sounds a little too 50 Shades of Grey to us. You know, if like instead of having masochistic hardcore sex with a girl who looks up to you, you instead sent her pictures of a little boy with very little hair on his head and his more personable canine. These pictures are now going on auction for between $250,000 and $350,000. Someone please let us know who winds up spending this much money on this shit so we can keep this Charles Schultz groupie freak away from our families. Read article>>


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