Real World Roundup: Crazy Shit Happened While We Were Away

Having evidently been out of the country for the past week we've clearly taken #2 not keeping up with the news to another level. However it's impossible to ignore this super fucked up story about the LA cop killer. To be honest we're still way too behind on real action and shootings (RIP) but apparently he wrote the best manifesto since the communists. Of course it had a lot of boring shit about corruption that we're still too barred out to follow but then we dug deeper and found some of the most entertaining commentary to come out of a website since we backstalked our own a few weeks ago. See above for the long-but-worth-reading highlights of this manifesto which could've easily been switched out for the American Psycho script without anyone noticing. Click the pic to make it bigger.

This woman allegedly died from a Coca-Cola addiction. Thus officially the first time we've known a coke addiction in that context. But then again this is the same day that a serial killer gave Larry David a shoutout in his manifesto so I guess anything's possible. And I guess if I'm going to look on the bright side, at least this woman didn't die of a DIET Coke addiction. Save yourselves betches, stick to Diet. Read article>>

Last night was the State of the Union and for any betch hoping to not seem as oblivious as you are, here are the highlights. It happened. Guns are bad. People wore green ribbons. No one will STFU about Michy O's new bangs. Obama wants to raise the minimum wage to nine dollars which shouldn't concern any men you're pursuing so who cares. Read article>>

Hmmm so what else happened when we were away. Taylor Armstrong's prob getting kicked off the Housewives. Linzlo's lawyer can't get in touch with her. North Korea maybe detonated a nuclear bomb. Sigh.


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