Turning 30: A Horror Story

You think nothing will change, but it does. Our advise is to tell everyone that you are 29 forever. Starring: Lianna Nielsen Director of Photography: Bryan Russell Smith Directed, written, and edited by Jessie Jolles

How Best Friends Communicate

Everyone has that friend that they can communicate with simply a look. It comes very handy when a guy is annoying you and he needs to take a hint. Starring: Karrueche Tran, Hannah Berner, Danny Vega Director of Photography: Bryan Russell Smith Director: Jessie Jolles Editor: Hannah Berner

When You Date Someone With An Accent

Does anyone actually know the rules of rugby? Dating guys from across the pond can be tough, especially if the bar is loud and he mumbles. If he’s hot enough just nod, smile, and hope for the best. Starring: Keke Palmer, Alastair MacFarland Writer: Hannah Berner Director of Photography: Danny Vega, Bryan Russell Smith Editor: … Continued